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Can you take online college courses if you're under 18?

I am somewhat of an overachiever, and I want to take online college during my high school years. What are some ways for me to apply to places that would allow that, what do i need to get accepted, and what are some of the colleges that do that?


do have a credit card, and my coucelors think its a weee bit early

Update 2:

along with me being almost two years older than my usual grade average, due to teh fact that i started in a different country

Update 3:

My parents DO know, don't worry, and the google search didnt quite come up with any good suggestions

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    Yes, you can. First, check with your local community college to see if they will let you take classes FOR CREDIT without enrolling. If they don't, there are other places to get college credit. My personal favorite is Independent Study at LSU.

    A 3-credit hour course is only $229. You will have to find a proctor for your exams, but your local community college will most likely have a testing center where they will proctor the exams for you. If they don't, check with your local library.

    Some courses at LSU have prerequisites, so you have to meet those before enrolling. Math and English courses may require a placement exam. But, you can take that with the proctor you find.

    Once you have finished high school and enrolled in college, you can have the transcripts from LSU sent to the school you attend. If you plan carefully, you can be way ahead of other students who graduated high school the same time you did.

    Good luck,

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    Just go to a community college. I'm taking Chinese there because my school doesn't offer it. Though you won't be getting college credit, you might be able to experience some of college life without the the huge price tag.

    Since I've never tried to take online courses before, I don't know any to suggest. But I'm pretty sure that a google or yahoo search with "online college courses" will get you what you want. But be careful, I've heard that some of these "colleges" are really just scams.

    Not only than that, (I know I shouldn't be suggesting it.. :) ) but you should probably tell your parents, unless you have your own credit card, or if you will need help doing other things that you, as being under 18, can't.

    Good luck!

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    Honestly your best bet would be to take a real college class at a community college or maybe an online class sponsored by a local college. It is possible to take college classes if you're under 18. Checking with your guidance counselor would be a good idea because your school might pay for the class. Good Luck and Have Fun

    ~A former High School Overachiever about to be a 17 year old college sophomore

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    I live in South Florida -- we have "dual" enrollment here. Kids can take college courses at our local community college while they are seniors in high school. They have to meet certain criteria - grades and advanced courses. But I know lots of high school kids in this program. So when they finally graduate high school they also have most of their freshman year completed before they even start college. This really gives a step up for kids. This program is offered free to the kids who qualify - they don't pay tuition.

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    i dont think so. most likely need a credit card and stuff. dont bother. go to a community college or something.

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