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Personality traits of a male taurus?

My boyfriend is a taurus, and Im a capricorn. I was wondering what some of the traits are for a taurus. Thanks!

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    Practical and good-natured...with a decidedly stubborn streak...the man ruled by Taurus does possess a temper. It is slow to rise but when it does, sparks are sure to fly. He is a persistent sweetheart, a steadfast and loving mate and a marvellous father. The Taurus male likes a job where there is an end product...a definite purpose in view and a profit in which he can share. His sense of humor is the kind that appreciates his own jokes but often fails to appreciate the jokes of others. Still, this is one of the nicest men to be found in the Zodiac and he can be extremely lovable. He is not particularly skillful at telling a loved one how he feels, preferring instead to show his affection in the things that he does and provided he is coaxed rather than driven, this man will be relatively easy to manage. The attitude toward romantic interludes here is somewhat reticent. He will never be the most passionate of males, but he is certainly deeper than he allows others to know. Men governed by this Sign possess a basic understanding of life and what it is all about in practical terms. It should be noted that while some of these traits may create the impression of a dull individual, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a kind, tolerant and helpful man...and one who is usually quite handsome into the bargain.

    On occasion, the Taurus male has been described as being rather immoral. While it is true that from time-to-time there may be bullish tendency to satisfy the intense physical urge that is potent in this man, he is so devoted when in a long-term dependable, kind and generous...that the violence of his emotional nature needs to be overlooked. He will never neglect the home or family for an outside interest which, when it does intrude, will almost assuredly be extremely transitory and fleeting. This is a man who will work hard to provide the best home, education, clothes and amusements for those he loves. Ambitious to establish himself, his wordly success frequently leads him toward ever-higher social circles. There is a great appreciation for beauty here and a basic need for any mate to be dependent, since the male ruled by Taurus always like to feel that he is the sole provider of everything...even happiness. Once in a committed union, this man rarely finds domestic life to be tiresome. He will never again seek the bachelor existence or even once regret the loss of a liberty that he never counted as precious.

    Natives of Taurus are probably most in tune with those governed by Capricorn, who possess the same understanding of practical values and the materialistic progress that Taurus needs in life for self-expression. A Capricorn partner will back Taurus all the way with loyalty, affection and steady plodding. The success record of a Capricorn native is good...particularly in business or farming...and Taurus will be happy...though not always necessarily this pairing. For the Taurus male, a partnership with an individual governed by Capricorn can result in true love. Taurus men are down-to-earth and easy to confide in. They are also very intense and passionate, tending to bring out the hidden romantic side ofthe Capricorn nature. Both will share the qualities of being strong-willed and eager for success in life. Thus, each can help the other to maintain a focus on winning and achieving important goals. The Taurus male has a powerful personality and showers a mate with romantic attention. Hence, the Capricorn partner will feel loved and treasured in a very special way. There is much in common here, including a mutual respect and understanding of what is important in life. Both value quality in all forms and will bask in the knowledge that it is so nice to be understood. For the Taurus female, a partnership with an individual governed by Capricorn can result in lasting love. Both share so many important things, including a strong desire for security. Here, each partner will be very deep, passionate and romantic.

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    Stubborn, Practical, the ones I have known are always almost to serious and bossy. For me Taurus is not a good match as I am a Leo. But I have read that Caps and Taurus are a great match as Caps are less aggressive.

  • A Taurus likes natural stuff,hard headed,stubborn,and like money.

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    Im a girl and Im taurus...I am bossy, a pusher, ambitious, money and security lover, I need comfort and peace, I like to take control and i love to rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I used to go out with a taurus... Cute, funny, romantic.... even tempered..

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    OMG, I could write a book on this subject!!!! Where do I start. They are stubborn, cheap, moody, crazy, they won't, I repeat won't give up a past relationship if it benefits them. (mine will not give up the ex estranged wife) Mine was telling people behind my back that I was a pysco, he couldn't get rid of me, I was at his house all the time (not true), I wouldn't leave him alone etc. ALL the while dogging me and calling me wanting to know who I was with, where I was, why I was there, wanting to come over to my house, and them lying about it! He didn't want me after 4 yrs, but still to this day, acts like he needs to control me and still have me in his life so way. (I guess that goes with the not letting go of past relationships) They are very controlling, and will fuss about the stupidiest little thing. Very tight with money, they will spend money and them moan that they don't have any, but more than happy to spend it on themselves, but moan their broke. We have a 6 month old and he refuses to adknowledge she's his (he did at first but he won't now) and will not give me anything for her, but is more than happy to spend it on booze, cigeretts, and his f**kin' ex wife to come over to visit (They are english) Hugh liers and are just a strange breed of people. I will say in his defense that he suffers from bipolar, depression and that contributes to his ways but on a whole they are they are everything I described. FYI-check out my other answers on Taurus men, you will learn ALOT!

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    Stubborn, careful, complex.

  • the two s's-

    stubborn and slow

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