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Why does the Cubs organization keep Kerry Wood and Mark Prior?

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    Mark Prior is a former 18 game winner. Since 2002 Prior has 42 wins and which is an average of 8.4 wins a year with 10.37 K/9 Innings. Kerry Wood is a mystery to me. His highest number wins in a season is 14. Wood averages 8.875 Wins a year and 10.36 K/9 Innings. I guess the reason Chicago continues to keep the two is because they've got potential. Wood is 29 and Prior is 26. Prior is very young and both pitchers still have plenty of time to improve. They both do get hit with injuries a lot. They seem better suited for the minors to me. At least for a few years until they can leave these injury prone labels they have.

  • Because they are owned by a corporation, but not for long. As soon as the Cubs are sold by the end of the season, Wood and Prior will traded or let go. Of course this depends on their salary cap issues.

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    B/c the Cubs organization is a bunch of morons, i mean who pays 10 million a year for Ted Lilly? They shouldve and couldve cut their losses and gotten rid of Wood and Prior 2-3 years ago and saved alot of money, goes to show why they were 30 games under .500 last season.

    Whats funny is alot of ppl were dissing the Twins organization b/c they chose Joe Mauer over Mark Prior - i bet they are sitting back thinking "go to hell" to all the critics now, Mauer is an all-star and one of the best if not the best all around catchers in the league.

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    haha, omg i agree, i have no idea, prior sucks and wood is always on the disabled list, i mea im a true cubs fan, but they need to work on who they keep and who they trade...

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    b/c they cant win a world series.

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    who the () knows??

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