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disco music?

anyone know any groovy disco tracks? Also I want to find a basic disco loop. kind of like one you would hear in the movies.

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    Any dance-oriented music that was recorded and/or released in 1980 and afterwards is all Dance-pop or Hi-NRG.

    Here are some of the best songs Disco and Post Disco-era dance-oriented songs and artists I know.

    ABBA-"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)"

    ABBA-"Lay All Your Love On Me"

    Amanda Lear-"Queen of Chinatown"

    Amanda Lear-"Fashion Pack (Studio 54)"

    Amanda Lear-"Fabulous Lover, Love Me"

    Amii Stewart-"Light My Fire"

    Amii Stewart-"Jealousy"

    Barbara Pennington-"Twenty Four Hours A Day"

    Barbara Pennington-"You Are The Music In Me"

    Barbara Pennington-"On A Crowded Street"

    Boney M-"Daddy Cool"

    Boney M-"Ma Baker"

    Boney M-"Sunny"

    Boney M-"Kalimba de Luna"

    Carol Douglas-"Midnight Love Affair"

    Carol Douglas-"Fell In Love For The First Time Today"

    Carol Douglas-"I Got The Answer"

    Cerrone-"Love In C Minor"

    Cerrone-"Give Me Love"

    CHIC-"My Forbidden Lover"

    CHIC-"Open Up"

    CHIC-"Real People"


    Cher-"Take Me Home"


    Cheryl Lynn-"Star Love"

    Cheryl Lynn-"Keep It Hot"

    Claudja Barry-"Dancin' Fever"

    Claudja Barry-"If I Do It To You"

    Claudja Barry-"Johnny, Johnny Please Come Home"

    Claudja Barry-"The Two Of Us"

    Claudja Barry-"Work Me Over"

    Claudja Barry-"Born To Love"

    Claudja Barry-"Down and Counting"

    Claudja Barry-"Tripping On The Moon"

    Dionne Warwick-"Track of the Cat"

    Dionne Warwick-"Once You Hit The Road"

    Dionne Warwick-"His House and Me"

    Don Ray-"Standing In The Rain"

    Donna Summer-"Sunset People"

    Donna Summer-"Try Me (I Know We Can Make It)"

    Donna Summer-"Who Do You Think You're Foolin'?"

    Donna Summer-"Love's About To Change My Heart"

    Donna Summer-"I Don't Wanna Get Hurt"

    Dannii Minogue-"Don't Wanna Lose This Groove"

    Dannii Minogue-"Perfection"

    France Joli-"Don't Let Go"

    France Joli-"Don't Stop Dancing"

    France Joli-"Heart To Break The Heart"

    France Joli-"Does He Dance"

    Gayle Adams-"Love Fever"

    Gayle Adams-"Your Love Is A Lifesaver"

    Gloria Gaynor-"Honey Bee"

    Gloria Gaynor-"Casanova Brown"

    Gloria Gaynor-"Anybody Wanna Party?"

    Gloria Gaynor-"I Am What I Am"

    Grace Jones-"I Need A Man"

    Grace Jones-"Do Or Die"

    Grace Jones-"On Your Knees"

    Gina G-"Tonight's The Night"

    Hazell Dean-"Jealous Love"

    Hazell Dean-"Searching (I Gotta Find a Man)"

    Irene Cara-"Why Me?"

    Irene Cara-"Girlfriends"

    Irene Cara-"I Can Fly"

    Kylie Minogue-"Spinning Around"

    Kylie Minogue-"Your Disco Needs You"

    Kylie Minogue-"Butterfly"

    Kylie Minogue-"Dancefloor"

    La Toya Jackson-"Nighttime Lover"

    La Toya Jackson-"If You Feel The Funk"

    The Pointer Sisters-"Automatic"

    The Pointer Sisters-"Dare Me"

    The Three Degrees-"Giving Up, Giving In"

    Thelma Houston-"Any Way You Like It"

    Thelma Houston-"I'm Here Again"

    Thelma Houston-"Saturday Night, Sunday Morning"

    Thelma Houston-"If You Feel It"

    Miquel Brown-"He's A Saint, He's A Sinner"

    Miquel Brown-"Black Leather"

    Miquel Brown-"This Time It's Real"

    Miquel Brown-"Footprints In The Sand"

    Madleen Kane-"Rough Diamond"

    Madleen Kane-"Secret Love Affair"

    Madleen Kane-"You Can"/"Fire In My Heart"

    Madleen Kane-"Forbidden Love"

    Madleen Kane-"Cherchez Pas"

    Madleen Kane-"You and I"

    Madonna-"Physical Attraction"

    Martha Wash-"I Got The Feeling"

    Martha Wash-"I Don't Know Anybody Else"

    Musique-"In The Bush"

    Musique-"Keep On Jumpin'"


    Musique-"Good and Plenty Lover"

    Patti LaBelle-"It's Alright With Me"

    Patti LaBelle-"Joy To Have Your Love"

    Patti LaBelle-"Music Is My Life"

    Patti LaBelle-"The Spirit's In It"]

    Sharon Redd-"Can You Handle It"

    Sharon Redd-"Beat The Street"

    Sharon Redd-"In The Name of Love"

    Sharon Redd-"You're A Winner"

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor-"Murder On The Dancefloor"

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor-"Get Over You"

    Sophis Ellis-Bextor-"Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)"

    Sylvester-"Over and Over"


    Sylvester-"Someone Like You"

    Visit the websites listed below to better understand this often misunderstood music.

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    Disco Inferno.

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    Van McCoy does The Hustle...

    Basically anything off the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack will be nice and generic.

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    "the hustle" or "whip it"

    whip it is by devo dont know who does the hustle

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    "automatic" by the pointer sisters... maybe???

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