Take a look and tell me if you think this player should be in the hall of fame?

I will not use any names just to avoid biast opinions.

( Without cheating and trying to look them up )

Player A is in the hall of fame.

Player B is not in the hall of fame. Is player be worthy of the hall?

Player A stats

18 seasons

Hits - 3,010

Hr's - 118

Rbi's - 1,014

Life time ba - .328

2 Gold Gloves

12 Time All Star

Player B stats ( Currently not in the hall )

14 seasons

Hits - 2,153

Hr's - 222

Rbi's - 1,099

Life time ba - .307

9 Gold Gloves

6 Time All Star

Tell me what you think.


I will let you guy know when more answers come in. At least I'm getting honest answers this way.

Update 2:

I know it's not all about the numbers. This player was loved by all and was adored by his city.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think player B wore the number 23- and just give me a yes on that if I'm right. A lot of fans my age who rooted for player B have a lot of sour grapes thinking player B has not gotten his due. First, his number was retired, although that team retires every number under the sun. Second, for what player B was, he was not all that great. On top of that, his numbers fell off very sharply after six or seven very good seasons. There are plenty of players on player B's team in the HOF, so stop whining.

    Player A was one of the premier hitters of his era. He put up high averages for most of his career- yes, most on the archrival of B's team. Also, player A won several batting titles and hit over.340 several times. I am not a big fan of player A, and he may be the weakest HOF with 3,000 hits, but the campaign for player B will have to wait for the Vet committee, who have their hands full with at least ten players with better stats than player B.

    I did not look that up by the way, and I'm sorry I figured it out and ruined your hypothetical experiment.

  • 1 decade ago

    Player B has the lifetime average but no other 'magical' numbers.

    Player A (as someone said) got in on 3000 hits and lifetime average.

    I'd say B deserves to get in, but I've always thought the baseball HOF voting is a joke (what the hell is a 'first ballot' HOF player? Did the non 1st ballot player somehow het better the second year? Stupid)

    BTW I'd guess B is Ron Santo (although 9 gold gloves may be high for him)

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are just comparing Player A to Player B...then sure B had great numbers in 4 less seasons. I think when the Hall is voted on, the Baseball writers don't look at just the numbers.

  • atleh
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    3 years ago

    one million. Derek Jeter FIRST BALLOTT 2.Mike Mussina: i'm on the fence in this one, i think if I had to assert the two way i could say specific. 3.Andy Pettite no longer yet, perchance after yet another year or 2 he would desire to strengthen his possibilities.. 4.Chipper Jones: merely approximately for specific he's in.. 5.Frank Thomas unquestionably 6. Jeff Kent specific 7. Curt Schilling at last, yet Blyleven would desire to flow in first. 8. Gary Sheffield: No 9. Luis Gonzalez: No 10. Barry Larkin No. i do no longer think of of him as being great specific while he performed.. 11. Billy Wagner: i could say, greater beneficial than probably, see John Franco.. 12. John Franco Now that Gossage have been given interior the door perchance open to closers and if so, they Franco would desire to be a hall of Famer.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't think so. Very solid stats, but not Hall worthy. Player A has those 3,000 magical hits, and that's that.

    Is player A Wade Boggs???

    Anyway, those numbers pale in comparison to Jim Rice's dominance for over a decade, and he's not in...

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Player B does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Player A also deserves to be in the HOF more than Player B, but Player B sounds like a great player.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well it certainly looks like it. Player B has some better numbers than Player A and A has been playing longer! I think Player B should definetly be in the hall.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think player B is worthy of being in the hall of fame. Sounds like it may be Pete Rose.

  • 1 decade ago

    No I don't think Don Mattingly deserves the hall. His numbers aren't great. If he is in so should Oliva and a lot of others with simalar numbers. Can't figure Sutter getting in and not Rice or Blyleven.

  • 1 decade ago

    A yes Batting average is up, low homerun average but you can tell they hit the ball. (wade boggs?)

    B i would say yes also because 6 all-stars 9 gold gloves and rbi;s are kind of high. home runs are average and he played a long time.(donnie baseball)?

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