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so if i stick this needle in here...?

Does anyone know how i can make a tote bag out of empty Caprisun pouches?

-I need to know if i sew a tote bag with cloth, then like put the pouches on the outside or if its possible to just sew the pouches to make the bag?

-If i use a different method than sewing?

-If i have to do anything to prepare the pouches for making the bag?

-Serious answers plz lol

-I know i just destroyed the entire "serious answers" crap by saying lol in the same sentence, my bad lol.

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    I've seen these crazy bags. The best one I've seen was laced together with ribbon, and had a fabric lining.

    It seems to me that the best way to make the bag would be to wash the pouches out first and let them dry. I wonder if clear packing tape could be used on the back to offer support?

    Then I would create a template to mark for holes on each pouch - then carefully punch holes into the pouches and lace together with ribbon, shoelaces, string, whatever!

    Sew up a lining and then sew it all together, like a regular bag/purse.

    However, you could possibly use a metallica or leather needle and literally sew the pouches together to form the outside of the bag (with a sewing machine, not by hand). If you did this, you could even create a handle!

    And one last idea (because I can't stop thinking about this!):

    What if you used the clear packing tape and just taped the pouches together? You could overlap, embellish a little, really make it yours! There is duct tape in that lovely silver-grey and other colors, too! Then you could make a handle out of the duct tape.

    Good luck!

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    I actually just saw a couple of ideas/tutes for this exact project in a couple places... *searches*


    A Whole lot of articles on (most of which aren't currently working grrr!)...

    Tang pouch version (same thing, different juice - tute with pics):

    Tute w/o pics:

    Just a pic of a neat looking messenger bag:

    On Craftster, if you type in "Capri Sun", & browse through the results, you just might come across an inspirational pic to make your purse better than everyone's ever :D

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    You should look on They have all kinds of directions for making things. Just type in "CapriSun Pouch Bag"

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    wow a caprisun bag.... hmmm....

    never heard of it....

    well if u were only going to use pouches, it could not really stand the weight of what u put into it...

    yeah so i recommend using the cloth....

    i recommend sewing and gluing...

    and yes of course, clean the puches before use...

    o and i forgot to mention....


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    There are a bunch of websites with patterns for this--they are super popular right now.

    If you google capri sun purse patterns you will find tons more. They are pretty easy to make.

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