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Is Roger Ebert dead yet?

I'm speaking solely about his beating heart, as a critic he's been dead for a long time. No later than the time he gave "The Honeymooners" a thumbs up while giving "Wedding Crashers" a thumbs down.

RIP Roger.


It's probably the elephant in the living room for most people, but it became pretty obvious Ebert overrated "black-themed" movies the past several years. I remember two episodes in particular: A speechless and visibly irritated Gene Siskel when Ebert tossed a thumbs up to the dreadful "Cop and a Half". Roeper was similarly flabbergasted when 'ole Rog gave the same love to the Honeymooners, another clearly dreadful piece of remake trash. And then Ebert shot down Wedding Crashers because he didn't like the way Christopher Walked was used. Huh? I'm not saying WC is a perfect movie by any means, far from it, but anyone with greater than a pea-sized sense of humor had to get several laugh out louds from it. Ebert lost whatever credibility he had left with that duo of rating stinkers.

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    Siskel died and Ebert is now with Roeper.

  • This week marks Ebert's 40th year as a movie critic.

    No movie critic is full-proof; and shouldn't be. Even some friends may not like a movie that you would like. The best critic is the person you KNOW like the same movies you like and dislikes the ones you dislike. Then they're a more personable, reliable critic. :-)

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    Does this mean that your taste is perfect? Have you never gone against the grain of popular opinion? Do you only like movies that you "think" you should like? Personally, I don't trust any critic who doesn't surprise me once in a while. It's what makes reading film criticism interesting.

    Ebert was, is, and always shall be a brilliant writer and a compelling critic.

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    Let's not forget this is the man who wrote the cult classic film "Beyond The Valley of the Dolls", a line from which entered pop culture iconography in its own right when Austin Powers quoted it in his first movie: "This is my happening, and it freaks me out!"

    He also wrote such memorable lines as "You're a groovy boy, I'd like to strap you on sometime" and "you will drink the black sperm of my vengeance!".

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    yes, he is dead. they just parade a cardboard cut-out of Ebert around so nobody notices.

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    No. but I wish to Hell Jessica R the Spambot would curl up and die

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    No I don't think so

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