Annabella....Italian names?

Okay. My fiance and I are trying to get pregant and ofcourse I want a girl. He is Italian and has a very Italian last name. I want our girls name to be Italian also. Annabella is a beautiful name and I fell in love with it. But... He has a relative that is famous with the name Annabella...Annabella Sciorra that is. Would people (his family) think its odd that I name my girl that. If so, can you think of any other names that are as pretty as that one?

Oh the struggles.


Okay, heres another thing, My fiance and this actress don't know eachother, matter of fact I don't know if she talks to anyone out of this side of the family or not...and I'm not naming my child after her presay I just like her name....

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    Annabella is very cute!! Other cute names are....










    Congrat's and Good-Luck :)

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    You would have to say that you are naming your baby after that relative if you named her Annabella, but your family should be ok with it. You could also modify the name a bit like, Arabella, Carabella, Miabella or, of course, Isabella

    Some other great names are:









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    a million. Anna Genevieve 2. Kate Madeline 3. Hazel Alice 4. Ava Grace 5. Scarlett Cora i in my view in basic terms hate the call Ronan.... yet William is marvelous! 6 out of 10. lady concepts- Ivy Annalise, Natalie Rose, and Zoe Diane.

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    Isabella, Lourdes, Giada, Donacella,

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    Well, first you should ask his family if they are okay with it. I would think that they are okay with it because in some sense it means that you love this girl. But just ask to make sure. By the way its a beautiful name. Hope I helped

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    Mariaelena (one name or two)

    Maria Francesca

    If you want to know if his family

    will think it funny, or object.

    Ask his mother, or the oldest

    person in the family.

    Maybe even ask Annabella.

    She's 47, maybe she won't

    mind if someone else uses

    her name for a while.

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    elisa, isabella, elisabetta, francesca, laura, barbara, angela, manuela, claudia, monica, rossella, maddalena, sara, fabiana, serena, alessandra, carla, sabrina, daniela, donatella, michelangela, raffaella, luisa, michela, stella, stefania, martina, marina, sofia, siria, brunella, arianna, adele, annalaura, maria, marianna, adriana, cabirai, chiara, clara, criseide...

    I'm italian, I know lots of other names...if you want, mail me...


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