how do i get info on my parents divorce of they wont tell me about it?

i live in hawaii and they got divorced in arkansas---i have no way of going down to some building and finding out--i need to know because i am applying for financial aid for college--


i am 19 and i am still required to give their info----- i need to know when they divorced and a few more things

Update 2:

i am 19 and i am still required to give their info----- i need to know when they divorced and a few more things

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    You shouldn't need any info on their divorce other then maybe date for college. All you need is financial info and if they won't give you that then you are out of luck.

    Not sure what sort of infomation you think you need, but pretty much the only thing the vital statistics people would be able to tell you is when and what reason they gave when whomever filed (adultry, desertion, fraud etc).

    As I said from vital statistic in the county they divorced you can find out when and why (according to what is on the papers) but anything more then that would have to come from your parents. And if they choose not to give that info to you that is their right.

    I don't remember any info required about divorced parents other then income from financial aid paperwork when I filled them out.

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    It's not as hard as you may think to get that information. First, do a separate google search for each one of their names. Also, if you know the county in Arkansas they were divorced in, you can search that county's records. The way you would do that is to open a google search box, and enter "county, arkansas" , replacing the word "county" with the name of the county, and being sure to enclose it with the quotation marks. If I were searching for your marriage or divorce records, and I knew you were married or divorced in Pulaski County, Arkansas, I would google "pulaski county, arkansas" and when I found the official county web site, I would search for marriage or divorce records. Those are public records and are available for any county that has the ability to put them online. Hope this helps you. Feel free to email me if you need more help on this subject. Matt

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    As long as you know exactly what state and county your parents were divorced in, you can order a copy of their divorce papers on the Internet.

    All you have to do is go to the county's web site, look up divorce records for the year they were divorced and place an order.

    Hope this helps.

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    why do you need to know about their divorce for financial aid. If you are living on your own without their support you don't need there info.....good luck

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  • kelsey
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    All you need is their date of divorce. Your financial information will pertain to the parent you live with.

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    Eyes of iceblue is correct, and or another way, and alittle faster is to go to a local Private Investigator (who would have access to all court records), though this will cost a small fee, but it is faster.

    Good luck.

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    Maybe the financial aid office can help you out. I would ask to see what kind of resources he/she has. Good luck!

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    personally i would scream and shout at them until thy told me because you have a right to know about everything thats going on. but you could just keep asking and asking and adking them until they give in.

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