Can slapping a toddler in the head be anything but unacceptable!?

My husband thinks it's acceptable to slap our 3.5 yr. old on his head to disipline him..I need more info to prove to him how wrong he is to do this! Please help!!

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    tell him its illegal for a start, well it is in uk.

    get your health visitor/GP top speak with him

    look on net and print off what you find to help your opinion.

    explain about small brains being rattled around and does he want a brain-damaged deliquent for a son? if he says he got hit round head, tell him to be a man and break the vicious circle of child abuse - use those terms, will get him thinking

    if he won't stop, tell him either he leaves or you call the police and social services.

    no man should do this, or woman.

    send him to parenting classes to learn how to enter into a dialogue with his children rather than th easy but unintelligent mathod of beating/slapping/hitting.

    his son will resent him if he doesnt, and even though you're obviously the sane one and very sensible, your son may end up resenting you if you dont stop his dad!

    these may help but i'm sure you'll find lots more on the net

    well done for sticking up for your son!! good luck

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    Answer is NO!!! There is always other way to discipline the child.

    When I was young my dad use to slap my head too, I hate that soooo much. And I didnt talk to my dad till I was in my secondary school then only I start talking to him but also not much.

    Doing this he might lead the child of having a bad impression of him as a dad and also the child's brain might be hurt by ur husband.

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    Absolutely not!!!! Its illegal for a start and for good reason....A childs head is not fully formed and therefore softer than ours. If he hits it then there is a chance of a hemorage from which he could die!!! If he's naughty then try making him sit on the naughty step or put him in his room for 10minutes or take away a favourite toy.

    Your husband needs to stop hitting your son now before its too late. If you had to take him to hospital for anything else and they found out for any reason you would lose your son instantly! I would strongly recommend saying this to your husband and if he won't listen then you really need to think seriously about staying somewhere where your child can be safe. I know that sounds a bit harsh but you would never forgive yourself if your child was taken from you-or worse!

    I really hope you can work this out!

    Source(s): Mother of 4 aged 7,6,5 &3
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    Hello, of course is unacceptable!! Why do you think we wear helmets when bike riding, playing hockey, skiing, etc - to protect our heads!! Why anyone would think its ok to slap a child on the head is beyond me. I don't believe in spanking period for punishment, but if you must do it, at least do a slap on the hand or on the bottom, where at least there is no risk of permanent damage.

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    Next time you are having sex with your husband and he just doesn't get you off, Slap HIM in the head and ask him if it's acceptable. Obviously he doesn't have the intelligence to parent effectively. It doesn't take much grey matter to slap a small child.

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    Geesh, If you are asking don't you think that is bad enough.........the baby is 3 1/2 it is totally unacceptable, do you want your child growing up thinking it is ok to go around hitting people, this is only going to lead to other problems in his life, tell your husband to quit it, slap him upside the head and see if he likes it.....that is child abuse in my mind

  • this is not Right.Every time you slap a child on the head they re brains are getting rattled about in their head which could leave them with serious brain problems so tell your husband about the effects of slapping your child on the head because there's a chance your child will become brain damage

    Source(s): my aunties a nurse
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    slapping kid (if still illegal in your country) is suggested at arm. leg or buttock. other is not suggested.

    slapping head could be harmful to the kid, because 3.5 year head is not as strong as an adult's head.

    the slap could harm the brain or the nerve, if it happens, then it will impact to the way of thinking (late thinking), body function, and the worst is coma.

  • 4 years ago

    Oh, 15 months! it is the time to attempt. She is determining what takes position if I try this...? carry her fingers gently, yet remote from the sufferer and educate her a thanks to apply "tender touches". verify all and sundry she does this to practices a similar reaction. Hitting her decrease back will toughen the negative habit and shows extremely some hypocrisy. "fingers aren't from now on for hitting" isn't only a lovable little ones e book, yet otherwise to teach her. maximum seriously, she needs to understand what's nice, no longer merely what isn't! My son went through this too.

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    NO, NEVER, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Discipline is another word for teaching. What ever you on is doing, use that time to tell him why he should not do it and help him learn to do the right thing. Slapping teaches nothing other than Dad is to lazy to do the right thing.

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