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有人可以幫我翻譯一下這段英文的意思嗎 ?

The moment the election was called it was every man for himself. They by election had been a spectacle, a sort of one-day cricket match where the nation watched from the pavilion. Now the match was everywhere, and in that action-stations mood anything went. The Election Commission, that genteel cricket board, watched helplessly as government vehicles were used for campaigning, vats of election hooch were brewed, and rival gonad gangs fought pitched battles. In this electoral match it was the sponsors who won, whatever the scoreboard might read at the end of the day. The winners strode the field, but afterwards they championed their paymasters. We who queued at the ticket booths simply went home to our lives, in the end I found that politics was a game—a party game—but business was in earnest. Who paid the piper called the tune. The general election was a mass forgetting of this simple law, a willing suspension of healthy disbelief.

有人可以幫我翻譯一下這段英文的意思嗎 ?

不管是用翻譯軟體還是 ?



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    當選舉時刻到來人人自謀.因選舉.參選人(各式行徑)蔚為奇觀. 猶如板球競技一日賽.而政府僅在休息室觀望戰火.

    而今競爭處處,身處在制動奇襲的氣氛下.什麼事都有!選委會,好似風雅的板球協會,無助地看著政府的公器用於造勢活動.像釀私酒般的違法選舉行為悄悄蘊釀著,血脈噴張的敵對各方戰況繃緊.(rival gonad gangs fought pitched battles. gonad實在不好翻!)





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    競選稱它的片刻是每個人為他自己。他們由競選是國家觀看從亭子的景象, 有點兒1 天的蟋蟀比賽。比賽到處現在是, 和行動駐地心情任何是。選舉委員會, 那個文縐縐蟋蟀板, 無能為力地觀看當政府車被使用了為競選, 大桶競選hooch 釀造了, 並且敵手性腺幫會戰鬥投了爭鬥。在這次選舉比賽這是贏取的主辦者, 什麼記分牌也許當晚讀。優勝者大踏步走了領域, 但他們之後擁護了他們的發款員。我們排隊在售票亭簡單地回家了我們的生活, 在最後我發現的政治是遊戲成員遊戲但事務是認真。誰支付了吹笛者告訴聲調。大選是一許多忘記這簡單的法律, 健康懷疑願意的懸浮。

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    如有雷同 請勿懷疑 我沒抄襲 我用

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