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Who came up with the expression, "I'll fix your wagon"?

I remember hearing the expression in Looney Tunes cartoons. It was supposed to be a threat or something. One character would say to the other, "I'll fix your wagon", and they'll get in a fight and the loser would end up dragging a fixed wagon behind him. I know it's funny, but it has to be the worst threat ever. You're supposed to be intimidating and instead you're offering them repairs to their broken wagon. If that qualifys as a threat, then why stop there? When you're arguing with someone, why not say, "I'll change your tire", or "I'll fix your sink"? I know that this topic is irrelevant, but I'm bored and I wanted to see what everyone else thought of it. Can you think of any other expressions that don't make sense?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    To "fix his wagon" means to deal with an annoyance that he represents, or to sabotage something that is important to him. The origin of the phrase is in question, but it goes back to the old west, when a good way to ruin someone's day was to loosen the wheels of their wagon.

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