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Which team has the deepest starting rotation in baseball?

Very few teams, if any, have good #5 starters. #3 and #4 guys are usually pretty weak too.

Also, was there any team last year that had all of its starters with an ERA under 5.00? I realize that no team ever has the exact same 5 guys all year long, so just consider the 5 SP who started the most games.

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    In my opinion it could be one of a couple of teams:

    Detroit Tigers

    Los Angeles Dodgers

    Milwaukee Brewers

    The Tigers rotation is young (minus Rogers), healthy (minus Rogers... for now), and filthy. I believe they sent Miner down to the minors, but have him available should they need him, and a top prospect in Andrew Miller, who looks like he could be ready should they need him.

    The Brewers could have the best rotation in the MLB as well, which is why I think they're gonna break their streak of consecutive under .500 seasons. Ben Sheets is finally healthy and it showed on Opening Day. Very impressive outing. Capuano sort of cooled off after the break last year, but it could have been the inning load he had. They have some nice depth with Suppan and Bush as well.

    The Dodgers also have an excellent rotation. With Lowe, Schmidt, Penny, Wolf, and Tomko, it's really nice. Don't forget Kuo who started last year will be in relief if they need him, and Billingsley, who was excellent last year. They also (as if they didn't have enough) have Hendrickson, who can start if needed.

    The Angels could also have a good rotation. If Colon and Weaver can get back to the way they were, the Angels would have Lackey, Ervin Santana, Escobar (although he's day to day now), Weaver, and Colon, with Saunders waiting if needed.

    As far as the Red Sox go, 1-3 looks nice on paper with Schilling, Matsuzaka, and Beckett, but there are many doubts:

    1) Who knows how good Matsuzaka will really be.

    2) Who knows if Beckett can adjust (because he still hasn't)

    3) Schilling is old.

    4) Lester is recovering from cancer.

    It's these four problems that really prevents the Red Sox from having a great rotation.

    To answer your second question: The top six starters as far as games started for the Padres all had ERAs of under 5.00. The top five starters on the White Sox did it. The Tigers did it. Most of the Dodgers did it. The Brewers did it. The Mets did it. The A's did it.

    I believe that's it.

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    It would have to be the Dodgers, Tigers or Red Sox. They all have good rotations.













    Red Sox:






    All three of these teams have very good 1-4 guys and the #5 guys aren't bad either. Tomko was a very good starter only a few years ago, Tavarez is pretty solid, and Durbin is a young guy with a lot of potential.

    An argument could be made for the Giants as well since they have so many young pitchers that could be future Cy Young winners. Currently they have:






    Only Lowry and Morris are question marks for them but both have been great in the recent past, Ortiz is coming off two horrible years but looks to have turned himself around and could make comeback player of the year in the NL. Waiting in the wings they have Linecum, Sanchez, Wilson, Foppert, and Valdez, any of which could be a #4 or 5 starter this year if they didn't have so many guys in front of them and all of them look to have bright futures in the league.

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  • 3 years ago

    I might desire to pass with the Cubs - the rotation is the proper in baseball: Zambrano, Harden, and positioned up-closer Dempster might desire to be the no. a million starter on approximately any group available. Lilly is in basic terms coming off a 17 win season. The 5th spot might desire to be filled by potential of Jake Peavy if a deal is going by way of, a veteran they commerce for, or between the pitchers from their farm equipment that has produced many stable starters. - the offense which scored greater runs than each and every group different than Texas final 12 months has been reinforced with the addition of Bradley and looks to attain much greater runs this 12 months - on an identical time as the bullpen isn't stellar, it fairly is totally stable. The Cubs had the 0.33 fewest runs allowed final 12 months (at the back of Toronto and LAD) and a considerable area of this is the forged bullpen. different communities have have stable areas, yet i think of the Cubs are the only that brings each and every thing at the same time the proper, a minimum of in the process the standard season.

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    The Detroit Tigers have a very deep starting rotation.

    Jeremy Bonderman

    Kenny Rogers

    Justin Verlander

    Mike Maroth

    Nate Robertson

    Even though Kenny Rogers is hurt right now, they proved last year that they have some young pitchers in the minors who can handle the spotlight. Zach Minor looked good last year and Chad Durbin could do just as well.

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    Would have to be the Red Sox, but it's very close. But, the sox will have Schilling, Beckett, Dice-K, Lester and Wakefield. All are plenty capable of winning 15, if not 20 games, and all are capable of ERA's under 4.

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    The Detroit Tigers not only have the best starting rotation but all in all the best pitching staff. They've got Verlander, (injured) Kenny Rogers, Jeremy Bonderman, and others. They've got Todd Jones closing for them and Joel Zumaya about to take his job when he is fired and Zoom Zoom throws the fastest FB in all of the MLB.

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    I think that the Dodgers have a real good rotation. They have Schmidt, Lowe, Penny, and Randy Wolf. All four guys were aces sometime in their careers. They also have one time starter Brett Tomko as a long reliever.

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  • Al J
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    1 decade ago

    The Detroit Tigers in the AL and The Phillies in the NL.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Baltimore Orioles

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seriously, I'd have to say The Detroit Tigers.

    And not just because I am a Tiger fan, but because I am a baseball fan.

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