which gas tank repair kit brand is the best ?

I have found 3 brands of gas tank repair kits Por-15, Kreem, and KBS all claim to do the same, and have a very similar process. but Kreem is the cheapest of the 3 has anyone here tried all 3 brands ? and if so which was best bang for the buck?

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    Had Kreem peel away on me. KBS Coatings tank sealer actually seeps deep into the open pores of the tank and becomes part of the substrate for a permanent seal. Have 3 size kits to choose....saves money depending on your gallon size tank. Just follow the 3 steps for great results.


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    Gas Tank Repair Kit

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    Of course you can repair your gas tank you just have to make sure it is done right. Any kits or products that say no need to clean or prep the surface are never going to work for common sense reasons. There are really only two brands on the market that have complete prep systems that's por15 and KBS coatings as you have said. I have used both and they both did a good job. The KBS instructions were clearer to use and it was a little cheaper and there web site has more info on it like feed back and how too do it. Check out both sites and compare.

    Source(s): www.kbs-coatings.com www.por15.com
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    I absolutely prefer KBS Coatings. I have used all three.

    The Kreem did not work ... you get what you pay for. With the POR-15 kit, I had to go out and buy additional cleaner because their cleaner just did not do the job. The KBS Kit that I purchased worked perfectly. The instructions made me feel good about doing the job and not screwing it up. I sealed up a couple of tanks a few years ago and they are still as good as new.

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    Por-15 Kit

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    I've used KBS on a few tanks with excellent results. The sealer is impervious to fuel and fuel additives, so if you are able to coat the inside of the tank completely it should be more permanent than temporary. I have a friend that used kreem and it flaked off, I'd steer clear of that stuff. The KBS tank sealer is less expensive than por15 so I'd say KBS gives you the "best bang for the buck".

    Source(s): www.kbs-coatings.com
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    KBS Gold Standard Tank Sealer is the best. There is no need to go buy a new tank. I would just seal it up with the Tank Sealer from KBS Coatings. http://www.kbs-coatings.com/Tank-Sealers-C29.aspx

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    Is no kit for repair that is safe or lasting. Replace tank as that is "the best bang for your buck."

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    gas tank repair is temporary and not recommended for safety reasons. Your best bet is to replace your tank with one that doesn't leak, whether it be new or from a junkyard. Kreem will get you around until you can get a non-leaking tank on it.

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      Tank repair with a known good products produces a repair that is not hazardous. Most tanks needing repair are older and replacements unavailable.

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