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Moving to Melboune: Suburb choice?

Which side of the Melbourne city will be convenient for me travel to Melbourne university ?- South or North?

I will be traveling every day and work 8 hrs per day

I am moving as a family and there are many other factors that may affect the decision - Cost of living, esp rent, travel to school (primary), shopping - as we are from Indian culture buying some of the ethnic food items is a must for our family.

Please help.


Thanks for all the answers. They are awesome I am cleared about most of my doubts and confusions. We are moving to the Dandenong area as we have a friend there. There are few other friends say that traveling from the north is much easier than traveling from the south. Some of you have given me asweres regarding this. Can anyone be specific about this.


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    Access to Melbourne Uni - I'm assuming you are referring to the Parkville campus - is fairly easy from most locations. To get to the actual campus most people take a tram (although there are some buses), either from the suburbs or from the railway station (Melbourne Central seems to be closest and it's about a 5 minute tram ride or a 10 minute walk). The metlink website - http://www.metlinkmelbourne.com.au/ - can give you travel options from all suburbs.

    In terms of access to Indian culture - people of Indian descent are everywhere! But I suppose there's more of a concentration in the west (Point Cook etc) and outer east (Glen Waverley - as mentioned above). There are lots of Indian grocery stores not just in those areas - here is a website with links to stores and locations: http://www.helloindia.com.au/vic/index.php?cat=51&...

    To find rental properties, figure out which area you're interested in then go to:




    Source(s): http://www.newcomerstooz.info/ - I'm not sure if this is of use to you but it seems to be about Indian culture in Australia
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    I was going to say the SE suburbs which Dandenong is in but be warned Dandenong is not one of the safest places to be, unfair probably to those who live there but it is known for low income and crime. Try a little way (not to far) away. Noble Park has cheap rent and is a bit better of a suburb to live. In the Knox area rent is around the $250PW and is close to many schools, major shopping centres, transport. There are many ethnicity's in this area, many from India but Dandenong you probably have a better chance of ethnic food shopping. The good thing about renting though is if you are unhappy you can move at the end of your lease.

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    As this is in the Australia & New Zealand section, I imagine you mean Melbourne, Victoria.

    I can't help much but..........

    When we lived there 10 years ago we lived at Mt Waverley.

    It is a lovely area and we also had quite a few neighbours from Indian culture.

    They didn't seem to have any trouble sourcing food etc.

    We found good schools in the area and handy transport links.

    Mt Waverley, Syndal, Glen Waverley were all nice areas when we were there.

    Have a look at the Monash City Council web site below.


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    Melbourne, FL?

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