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Why the US concern for spreading Democracy in Iraq? Why not China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia..etc.?

Or any of the other countries of the world where human suffering exists as predominately as in Iraq or worse as in Somalia?

Why Iraq?

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    Besides oil, I think the main reason why is to establish a powerhouse of a country that would serve as a counter-balance to Iran. America would have greatly benefitted from a strong, stable, friendly, (and oil rich) country in a region that doesn't like us too much. Remember, America is not an altruistic country. We do nothing unless it will benefit us. I could think of at least 30 countries off the top of my head that could use our help. But alas, if you were to analize it as a business, our Return on Investment would be low. As for Iraq, our leadership greatly miscalculated and we are paying the price in blood, treasury, and reputation.

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    We are spreading Democracy in China and India, through our trade and out-sourcing. Check out the growth of Democracy in those places.

    Russia? We did that in the '90's. They are in the arms business now and selling to Iran.

    Saudi Arabia? We have a great deal of incentive to do business with them. And at least they make a show of going after the terrorist groups. But if you don't like Saudi, boycott oil and oil products.

    You know the reasons given for Iraq. They apply to Iraq.

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    You have to start somewhere.

    It might be nice if other Democracy's decided to help.

    And by the way, Russia has a Democracy, it may not be a good one, but they still have semi free elections. And thats not bad for a country that has never had a Democracy before.

    India has a Democracy, and has had one for decades.

    And did you forget about Afghanistan, a weak democracy it may be, but for the first time ever, they held free elections.

    Not including the return of Democracy to:




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    russia's got too many nukes china has got too many people india has bit of both but none of em have oil (except for russian gas)

    india is a democracy since its formation doesnt have a bad human rights breach record

    china and russia are too big to take on so why bother

    iraq has oil saudi gives oil

    iran is next on the list

    we'll see how it goes

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  • Because those countries don't have as much oil as Iraq, except for Saudi Arabia, but we're friends with them anyways, I love how he holds their hands when they visit him, I wish I had stock interests in defense contractors like Bush and all his friends do, I'd be a freaking millionaire "that's why we're in Iraq, if we're in a war then tank factory's and bomb facilities have record profits!!!'' DUH!!!! come on guys!!!

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    I wish the US would concern itself with democracy in our own country and keep our dirty bloody hands off all other countries so that they can sort it out for themselves. The only exception would be in the event of genocide in that country. But that should be a world concern, not just a U.S concern.

    jeaper p.... there is no democracy in Haiti. It was a military coup that took over, not an election. Haiti is a military dictatorship now thanks to the Bush administration backing it. The government of Haiti is made up of a bunch of murdering thugs.

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    because china, russia, and india don't have oil.

    they will also trade other goods with us

    saudi arabia does trade with us, including oil.

    all parties involved in the genocides in africa have nothing to offer to us if we stop the killing

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    Because the decider said so.

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    what the Saudis and Kuwaitis said to do

    Source(s): Bush listens
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    Neo-cons don't believe in fighting people that can fight back. As with most insecure bullies (Cheney), they send others to attack a much weaker foe and then laud how brave they, who remained home, are.

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