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Why are USA and Canada 2 different countries? Who drew the line on the border?

Don't get me wrong. I love Canada and could never stand living under an American Government. But I want to know how come these 2 countries never merged. Who came up with having 2 countries. Why not 3? or 4? why 2?

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    There was a little historical event called the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783. 13 colonies declared their Independence from King George III -English Crown. British colonies of New Foundland, Nova Scotia and Quebec stay loyal. As part of the Quebec Act 1774 this colony was given land that expanded the boundries to the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Roman Catholicism is the reconised religion and French the language.

    Continental Army did invade the colony of Quebec (modern Canada) in the mistaken believe that they would join the rebellion since England had ruled over Quebec since 1759 when Montreal falls to British forces (French-Indian War) They were sadly mistaken, Most Canadians could not see much correlation between their situation and that of the 13 colonies to the south.

    Make a long story short the campaign set out on September 4 1775 with the invasion force by November 13 Montreal was captured, December 31 the attack on Quebec City fails the siege will continue by April 1776. British reinforcements arrive and last Continental forces leave June 18 ending the attempt to make Quebec the 14th state.

    From 1776-1783 loyalist refugees will flee to these British controlled colonies. After the war many will settle in Canada. Loyalists those people who stayed loyal to the crown of England and didn't want independence.

    Timeline Canada- A chronology of key events.

    1783- Peace Treaty of Paris reconised the Great Lakes and the Mississippi in the west as the frontiers of the newly-born the United States. The original 13 colonies had decisvly establish themselves as the new United States. After that Canada and the USA will go in different directions.

    Map of the 13 colonies

    New boundries of the United States 1783

    War of 1812 (1812-1814) between the United States and Britain (Over British naval blockades) Again the US fails to realise its plans to invade Canada.

    -1818 Boundry between Canada and the United States established at the 49th parallel from Lake of Woods to the Rockies. Joint British/American rule over Oregon Territory.

    - 1849, the border between Canada and the United States , which ran along the 49th parallel line is established to the Pacific.

    1903- Canada loses the Alaskan boundry dispute and the borders between British Colombia and Alaska are finalized by a tribunal ruling 3-2. After that the boundries are fixed.

    Quebec has tried to become independent. In 1968 Parti Quebecois (PQ) is formed to push for independence. 1970 Members of a radical Quebec separist group carried out viloence and kidnapping to force Canada to grant them independence.

    There where 2 referendums 1980 (defeated) and again 1995 which lost by 1% over independence.

    Research The American Civil War (1861-1865) Confederate States (South) declare independence from the Union. Union wins and the Confederacy is no more.

    Republic of Texas (1836-1845) and California Republic (June 14,1846-July 9 1846), but both join the United States of America and eventually are granted statehood.

    Canada and the USA are not the same countries different history that resulted in a different society. Both nations may not always agree, but relations are usually good. NAFTA is a free trade agreement that includes Mexico. In fact Jan 2006 Stephen Harper a Conservative is elected ending 12 years of Liberal Rule and he is working on better relations with George Bush. You really can't generalize how all the people of Canada think about the USA-Canada relationship.

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    So how they became the two countries goes like this....

    France and the Netherlands settled the lands around Nova Scotia and Quebec and New York. England settled the areas around Virginia and Maryland first. All is well and good dealing with their respective parts of the world. The French with their beaver fur trade and The British with their Religious and Planation Colonies. Then Bam! The French pay the Indians to fight with them against the British over a dispute in the Ohio River Valley and you have the French and Indian War. Well Britain and their colonists (George Washington helped, taught him how to fight the British Regulars because he was one of them) kicked their butt and France signed a Treaty handing all their lands in the New World over to Britain and in places to Spain. Tada! They were technically all one country but not for long. Shortly thereafter, The American Revolution breaks with the shots at Lexington and Concord (the shots heard around the world) and while the Rebellious Southern Colonies entreaty the Canadians to join them, they do not. They fear the colonies will lose and they will sink with them. So the Americans win the Revolution with the aid of France (Ironic isnt it?) and a new treaty is signed. France got some of its territory back in the Americas (its was sold to the Americans as the Louisana Purchase to fund the French Revolution) The Actual Current Border was not decided on until sometime after the American Civil War because there was a Presidential hopeful that ran on a 48th Parallel or bust platform before the Civil War. The 48th Parallel platform referring to the Border in the Northwestern Corner of the Contigious US. The Border is actually somewhere lower than the 48th. All the while, Canada is/was a protectorate of England and their queen appears on Canadian Money.

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    When the 13 colonies which would become the United States revolted against Britain the colonies of Quebec and Nova Scotia chose not to join in. During and after the war large numbers of loyalist refugees fled into those two colonies (among other things prompting the creation of New Brunswick and Ontario) stamping Canadian political culture with a particular flavour it has really never lost. Not so much anti-Americanism but a definition of what it is to be Canadian that starts with "someone who does not want to be an American".

    In the 1860s the answer "why not 3" was almost answered by the Confederate States of America who indeed tried to create a third North American Nation. In the wake of that British North Americans re-affirmed that they did not want to tie their fates to the triumphant American Union by creating their own union of British North American colonies, Canada.

    Subsequently, while Canadians have been willing to embrace close economic and cultural ties with the United States they have not wished further to become Americans through any political union.

    Source(s): A very thoughtful essay on the history of Canadian American relations appeared in the journal American Studies International in June 1998. If you have access to an academic library look it up.
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    Well, that question could be asked of ANY country in the world, more or less. It wasn't an over-night decision to have 2 countries. The making and unmaking of countries often takes a long time--except in the case of a war, which might change countries very quickly.

    In another 200 years, perhaps there WILL be 3 or 4 countries, or there will be totally different ones. The world's countries are always changing and there's no way to say why some are this way and some are that way.

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    Great Britain and the United States did. The American Revolutionary War ended with a signed treaty "Treaty of Paris" in 1783 which defined the border where British North America starts and the American boundary ends. Some treaties followed after that to "refine" activities around the border.

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    a series of conflicts between the Americans and the British, the British and the French, land sales and concessions by the British or French determined the border with canada through the history of America

    Source(s): history class
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    Canada was settled more by the French and America by others, mainly Britain. Connecting them was never really in the question. Various wars are what drew the lines as they are today.

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    Read history books and look for things like the Battle of Québec in 1759, the Québec Act, and the war of 1812.

    All things are answered therein.

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    question to the question!! ho drew the line be twin usa and mexico??

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