molds/algae in the flower pot?? help!!?

I have a flower pot, and i water it every 3days (the water has fertilizer). then my dad got brewed coffee from starbucks and pour it in the soil!! when i watered the plant, it grew algae or molds (it's a greenish white thing, i didn't dare touch it) 3 days after!!! is that a good thing?? the leaves now are spotted.. green leaves with white dots! with the fertilizer, it was healthy, bright green. are the plants still healthy?? is there anything i can do to save them!?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Re-pot it immediately. There is too much

    acid in coffee for most plants.

    Rinse the roots GENTLY and put in new

    soil and pot.

    You will have to clean the current pot with

    warm soapy bleach water to kill the fungus.

  • 1 decade ago

    Stale Coffee has caffeine in it, which is harmful --for humans and plants!

    Suggest you remove this plant and re-pot it in a new flower-pot.

    Use rubber / prophylactic gloves if you want, and then wipe the leaves of your plant clean of all the moulds, so that the cleaned leaf surface is exposed to fresh air and sunlight.(Not direct sunlight).

    You'd have saved the flower plant, and thanked thegentleone!

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