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Do those "how to win when playing slot machine" guides actually work?

EBay has different sales that you can purchase regarding how to win when playing slot machines. Does anybody know how much truth there is in these guides? Thanks

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    I live and work in Las Vegas and i can tell you that there is no system to betting the slots. It is a rng,(random number generator), you have as much chance to hit a jack pot on a machine that has just payed out a big win as you are on a machine that's brand new. It is all random, the one way you can do better is to play max credits and make sure the pay-scale is the best of the machines that are available.

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    Those guides only serve as an "entertainment" book. Sure, you will know a whole lot more about slot machine after reading them. But as to improve your chance of winning? May couple of percentage points tops. Slot machine is 99% luck. So, do not pay for any guide.

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    This is the most asked question ever, no you can't 'beat' a freaking slot machine. The only way is to have good timing and lots of money.

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    There is no way to beat slots long-term. The story about "look for a machine that hasn't paid out in a while" is largely myth.

    And as another astute poster said, if someone had a system to beat this unbeatable game then they wouldn't sell it for $29.99 and let other people beat them to it.

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    You do not need a book. Pick the machine nearest the door that has had the most players, without a payout, and when someone leaves, elbow your way in to play.

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    Your chances of winning at slots are incredibly low anyway. Don't buy into the scams.

  • David
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    if they did, don't you think the author would be at the slot machine, instead of writing a damn book?

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    A fool would say yes...The only person who is guaranteed to win is the person selling the book.

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    they worked great for the person that wrote the book!!! they are making tons of money.

    Will they work for you? who knows. No gaurantees so it is hard to say. You tell us and let us know what book it was and exactly how you acheived it. that way we all will know.

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