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drunk driving car crash articles??

i need an article about a car crash that occured because the driver was drunk. help anyone??

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    Todd and his daughter boating before the dui crash.

    If you would like to offer words of comfort to Todd's family, Please send an email to: neverdui@msn.com

    Father of Five Innocent Drunk Driver Victim

    On June 28, 1998, Todd was planning to take his family to Lake Powell. He was getting the boat ready for the trip when he discovered he needed a part. He left on his motorcycle to buy the part. He waved to his family as he drove down the street. Little did he know it would take him nearly three months to get home to his family again. His life was about to change dramatically.

    Todd stopped at a red light on 39th South and 5th East in Salt Lake city, Utah. A truck traveling about 40 mph slammed into the back of Todd and his motorcycle. His helmet flew off. His head slammed against the hard hood of the truck. Todd was then pushed through the intersection. Fortunately, the driver of the truck swerved and went around Todd. The driver of the truck was drunk. His a blood alcohol level was .28, more than three times the legal limit.

    Todd was flown in an emergency medical helicopter to the University of Utah Hospital. Todd sustained a traumatic brain injury. He had a blood clot the size of a fist on the right side of his brain. Todd was taken to surgery to remove the blood clot. Doctors did not think he would survive the surgery. But, if Todd did survive, doctors felt he would probably spend the rest of his life in a vegetative state. Todd spent 5 weeks in a coma, then another 6 weeks in rehab.

    Today, Todd is doing better than anyone ever expected, but his life is so very different. He had a successful law practice which is gone because he is unable to work due to the brain injuries sustained at the crash.. He has severe memory and initiation problems.

    Todd is the father of 5 young children. At the time of the crash their ages ranged from 9 months to 14 years old. He once was the Dad who would take all the kids and friends boating and skiing, or volunteer to be their soccer coach. Today, he struggles to have a relationship with them because of his brain injuries caused by a drunk driver.

    Todd was a successful lawyer. He lost his job because he longer has the intellectual ability to be an attorney. He lost the home he and his wife built because he lost his job. His wife went to work to support the family. She has lost her best friend because he is unable to express himself like he use to.

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