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Why don't liberals want us to win in Iraq?

We need to stay in Iraq until we win- i don't care if it's another year or another 50 years- We need to stay until we kill all the terrorists- Yet libs want us to turn chicken and run. WHY ARE THEY SUCH COWARDS??? They boo hoo over the Iraqis who died- who cares, the Iraqis who died were terrorists- Anyone who cries about Iraqis who dies need to be reminded 3000 AMERICANS WERE MURDERED ON 9/11!!!

WHY don't liberals want us to win in Iraq? Why do they get all weepy whenh Iraqis die, yet show no care for the troops or those killed on 9/11?

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    I wish it was as simple as losing the war or winning the war. But unfortunately it is much more complicated. We have achieved what was the primary intention of invading Iraq, to secure oil reserves for another century (estimate).

    It is best to fight this war under the cover of freedom now rather than many years from now when confrontation between the world nations begins over dwindling oil supplies. This is not the first time this nation was willing to cause turmoil over oil. Research Operation Ajax and you will know exactly what I am talking about. What surprised me this time around was that this administration was willing to utilize the military rather than covert overseas operations administered by the CIA (ex Operation Ajax). I believe it was due to two things. The American thirst for revenge as well as quenching the thirst of the American arms Industry (military-industrial complex). The scope of the latter is enormous and we were warned by President Eisenhower, in his farewell address, of the growing arms industry that resulted from both WWII and the Cold War.

    Heres a list so you can have a better understanding:

    Accenture Ltd.


    Aerospace Center Support

    Aerospace Corporation

    Alliant Techsystems

    Allied-Signal Inc.

    AM General Corporation

    American Petroleum Institute

    Anteon International Corporation

    Applied Research Associates Inc.

    Argon ST

    BAE Systems plc (U.S. subsidiary is BAE Systems Inc.)

    Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

    Ball Corporation

    Bath Iron Works

    Battelle Memorial Institute

    BBN Technologies

    Bechtel Corporation

    Bell Helicopter (division of Textron)

    BDM Corporation

    Blazeware Inc.

    Boeing Company

    Boeing Sikorsky Comanche Team

    Boeing SVS

    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Brashear (owned by Nextel)

    British Nuclear Fuels Limited

    CACI International Inc.

    Carlyle Group

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

    CNA Corporation

    Concurrent Technologies Corporation

    CSA Engineering

    Computer Sciences Corporation

    Decibel Research Inc.

    DHB Industries

    Digital System Resources Inc.


    Edison Welding Institute

    EDO Corporation

    Electronic Data Systems Corporation

    Electric Boat (division of General Dynamics)

    Environmental Tectonics Corporation

    Evergreen International Aviation

    Exxon Corporation

    F M C Technologies

    Foster Wheeler Ltd.

    Foundation Health Systems Inc.

    Gemini Industries Inc.

    General Atomic Technologies Company

    General Dynamics

    General Electric's Military Jet Engines Division

    Geo-Centers Inc.

    Goodrich Corporation


    Georgia Tech Research Institute

    Halliburton Company

    Harris Corporation

    Health Net, Inc.



    Hughes Electronics Corporation

    Humana Inc.


    Institute for Defense Analyses


    International Resources Group

    ITT Corporation Inc.

    ITT Research Institute

    Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

    Johns Hopkins University Inc.

    JPS Communications (wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon)

    Kaman Aircraft

    Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corporation

    Kellogg, Brown and Root

    Kollsman Inc.

    Kongsberg Protech

    L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.

    Lockheed Martin

    Longbow Limited Liability Inc.

    Loral Corp.

    Maersk Line and Patriot Contract Services

    Marconi Corporation PLC

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Maytag Aircraft Corporation

    McDonnell Douglas Corporation (wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing)

    MEVATEC Corporation

    Mission Research Corporation

    MITRE Corporation; also see ANSER Institute for Homeland Security

    Mitretek Systems Inc.; see MITRE Corporation and ANSER Institute for Homeland Security


    Motorola Inc.

    NASSCO Holdings Inc.


    Nichols Research Corporation

    NLX Corporation

    Northrop Grumman Corporation

    Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems

    Northrop Grumman Information Technologies

    Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems

    Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

    Northrop Grumman Newport News (formerly Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company)

    Northrop Grumman Ships Systems

    Northrop Grumman Space Technology

    Northrop Grumman Technical Services

    Ocean Shipholdings Inc.

    Olin Corporation; also see John M. Olin and John M. Olin Foundation

    Orbital Sciences Corporation

    Pennsylvania State University

    Pratt & Whitney (division of United Technologies)

    Private Military Corporations

    Private Federal Corporations



    Rockwell International

    RONCO (de-mining operations Horn of Africa)

    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

    Shell Oil Company

    Siemens AG

    Sikorsky Aircraft Company

    SPARTA, Inc.

    Spectrum Astro

    SRI International

    Standard Missile Company LLC

    Stevedoring Services of America

    Stewart and Stevenson

    Sverdrup Corporation



    Texas Instruments Inc.

    Textron Inc.

    The Titan Corporation

    Tyco International Ltd.

    University of Texas System

    Unisys Corporation

    United Industrial Corporation

    United Technologies

    URS Corporation

    USmax Corporation

    Verdian Corporation

    Verizon Communications

    Vinnell Corporation

    Vinnell Brown and Root

    Washington Group International

    Westinghouse Electric Corporation

    Worldcorp Inc.

    Wyvern Technologies, Aerospace & Defense Contractors

    You can call me anything you like but this is how this country operates and is ironically the primary reason I believe this country will pass the test of time. There are people in our goverment employed by agencies such as the CIA, NSA, etc to think a step ahead of everyone, to asses benefits, those people stand apart from people like yourself you believe wars to be just, win, lose, they think dollars, future, and benefits. I cannot begin to imagine what goes on in the closed doors at Langely, but I do know they are a necessary evil.

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    I agree with you. Anyone who says Iraq doesn't have anything to do with 9/11 is wrong. Ann Coulter said, "Not all muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims." Also, even if going into Iraq was a bad idea, the only reason the Iraqis are rebelling is because we didn't dedicate enough troops to build law and order. We created anarchy in Iraq, but the congress decided they wouldn't let us reconstruct it. It is our duty to fix that which we have destroyed. Also, they say that they're protesting Iraq to "save our troops," yet clearly congress has not demonstrated this because they will only give the troops supplies such as food if Bush gives in to their irrational demands (which I believe can rightly be called holding the troops hostage). I think that if we don't help build Iraq, we're irresponsible. If we leave Iraq two things could happen, a fascist Sunni or Shi'ite will take over, killing or oppressing the opposite sect for all the violence of the last 4 years, and then turn their eye to America for vengeance. Or, Iran could take over Iraq, which would be just as bad. Either way, it would create a safe haven for terrorists. However, terrorists can also be safe to know that they have safe haven in the United States, they just need to get to Air America radio station!

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    >Why don't liberals want us to win in Iraq?

    It's not that the liberals don't want the United States to win the Iraq War, it's that they don't want the United States to LOSE it.

    >We need to stay in Iraq until we win- i don't care if it's another year or another 50 years- We need to stay until we kill all the terrorists

    That would be all very well if terrorists were some kind of species that could easily be exterminated. But they are not. ANYONE who wants to make a point and doesn't care if they harm innocent people in the process can become a terrorist. We can kill everyone who is currently a terrorist, sure, but that would be very difficult to do because there are thousands of them all across the world, and anyway by the time we did it there would be thousands of new terrorists ready to take their places.

    >They boo hoo over the Iraqis who died- who cares, the Iraqis who died were terrorists-

    That is pure BS. Some 8000 insurgents were killed, compared with at least 60000 and possibly as many as 600000 iraqis who died as a result of the war total. This means that in order for your claim to be true, at least 52000 terrorists who were not identified as such must have died. Additionally, in terms of probability it would require that over 99.9% of the ENTIRE IRAQI POPULATION be terrorists. Sorry, but this is an absolutely ridiculous claim.

    >Anyone who cries about Iraqis who dies need to be reminded 3000 AMERICANS WERE MURDERED ON 9/11!!!

    First, even if the 9/11 attacks were in fact due to muslim terrorists, which is still not altogether clear, it seems that none of them were iraqis. Second, even not counting that, only about 2700 people died in the 9/11 attacks compared to over 3200 coalition soldiers ALONE who died as a result of the war, and that's not even counting the OVER SIXTY THOUSAND iraqi civilians who have died as a result of the war.

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    Well, liberals tend to be worried about how much the war is costing, the almighty dollar, and they claim to be concerned that too many civilians and soldiers are dieing. Well, more people have died in a month in Chicago shootings than in a month of fighting in Iraq. It's a war and people die... that's a fact. But war has changed and it is alot less risky to be in the army. Think about war in relation to the civil or revolutionary. You were almost certain to die. Anyways, if we stay and we win that would mean President Bush did something right... and God knows... that would destroy a liberal! They say they are concerned for the civilians, but they aren't. If they were they would listen to them. They want thier civil war to be over and have a democracy... who wouldn't? What if all of the allies we had left us when we were becoming a country. Americans, in particularly liberals, tend to be selfish. I'm not saying they are wrong, I'm selfish sometimes... but wimping out over money or pride is stupid. I agree with you, the war should be won. And as for liberals, if they don't agree, atleast support the troops and the president. It's a civic duty.

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    Why don't you volunteer and get yourself over there to help out? The war in Iraq is not winnable, not now, not tomorrow, not ever. It make me angry to have you war mongers sit in the comfort of your own home & tell everyone how we should stay there until all the terrorist are killed. Get your butt over there and shut the hell up. You don't even need to join the military. Sign up to work with any of the contractors in Iraq stealing taxpayers money...oops, I mean supporting the troops and see how big your mouth is then. All of your other arguments are just rehashed B.S. that Fox News have burned into you tiny little brain. I served my country and am a proud Vietnam Era Vet. It's time for you to walk the walk tough guy.

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    First define what "winning in Iraq" would be? There is no way to win. If we stay, more americans continue to die, for what? And if we leave, the country falls apart because of what we did.

    I am a liberal and I do remember 9/11 and the people who died. But do you remember the Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11 -- it was actually individuals from Saudi Arabi...the country that our President is FRIENDLY with. Our presindent went into Iraq under false pretenses. That is why we liberals are mad about this war.

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    I'd be willing for us to stay in Iraq if someone in a leadership position had a g*dd@mned clue what they were doing. As it is, we have plenty of tactics but ZERO strategy. We're good at clearing houses and taking out roving bands of militants, but nobody has any clue how to get the Shia and Sunni to stop fighting. Frankly, it may not be possible, and if we're smart we'll let them have at each other until they have satisfied their feud...only then will Iraq be governable.

    Nobody wants to see Iraq fail but we don't have patience with screw up after screw up...we're tired of the do-overs and "just trust me, THIS TIME I'll get it right...maybe. MIssion accomplished!".

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    -9/11 committed by almost all Saudi Arabian citizens

    -Bin Laden former Saudi Arabian citizen

    -Al Qaeda: made up of mostly Saudi Arabian citizens

    - Saudi Arabia produces more terrorists than any other country in the Mideast including Iraq.

    You want to win the war in Iraq & the war on terror wipe Saudi Arabia of the face of the earth not Iraq.

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    Your President Lied to began with, how many Billions of dollars do you want us to flush down the toilet before you say, enough is enough. When there is things that need to be done in this country, we can't find the money. But for GW's war the politicians have given him a blank check.. Until recently...thank God for that. It is a Moral Sin to have our grand and great grand and great great grand children paying for this phony war that the Neo Cons just had to have. Your ever notice that the NERDS are running the country. This is their revenge on everyone for picking on them in school.

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    What did Iraq have to do with 9/11? Nothing. Why do they deserve to be murdered by Bush since they had nothing to do with 9/11? Bush treats the troops like his play toys according to his whim. Why do you insult our troops like that and why do insult the majority of American people who believe this war is wrong too?

    What did these two have to do with 9/11?

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    What's to win, what a stupid observation, terrorists, hey numbnuts it's a CIVIL WAR, so who wins, who's side are we on, it's Iraqi against Iraqi there blowhard so what are we going to "WIN" the freaking Kewpie Doll, as a matter of fact I seem to remember we had a civil war and England backed the Confederacy, how'd that work out for them, God go to school and LEARN SOMETHING for Christs sake

    Source(s): PS American Patriot my backside go listen to Green Day you fit the American Idiot label so much better
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