What relgigin did Ignatius of Loyola convert to when he was recuperating?

Before he founded the Society of Jesus.

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    He resolved to devote himself to the conversion of non-Christians in the Holy Land.

    During this period of recuperation, Ignatius read a number of religious texts on the life of Jesus and the saints and became fired with an ambition to lead a life of self-denying labor and emulate the heroic deeds of Francis of Assisi and other great monastic leaders. He resolved to devote himself to the conversion of non-Christians in the Holy Land. Upon recovery, he visited the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat (March 25, 1522), where he hung his military vestments before an image of the Virgin. He then went and spent several months in a cave near the town of Manresa, Catalonia where he practiced the most rigorous asceticism.

    The months of privation and solitude were said to have brought visions of the Virgin Mary and she then became the object of his chivalrous devotion in which military imagery played a prominent part.

    During those months, he drafted his Ejercicios espirituales (Spiritual Exercises) which describes a series of meditations to be undertaken by various people who came to him for spiritual direction, including in due time the early Jesuits. The Spiritual Exercises was to exert a strong influence in changing the methods of teaching in the Church; "the mill into which all Jesuits are cast; they emerge with characters and talents diverse; but the imprint remains ineffaceable" (Cretineau-Joly). He later had to have his leg broken 3 times to make it heal properly, although during this time he studied.

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