What is learning?

What does it involve?

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    Learning is the acquisition and development of memories and behaviors, including skills, knowledge, understanding, values, and wisdom. It is the goal of education, and the product of experience.

    The most basic learning process is imitation, one's personal repetition of an observed process, such as a smile. Thus an imitation will take one's time (attention to the details), space (a location for learning), skills (or practice), and other resources (for example, a protected area). Through copying, most infants learn how to hunt (i.e., direct one's attention), feed and perform most basic tasks necessary for survival.

    Example can be a motivation for learning. Imitation of a role model is a natural mechanism for infants and children, when learning from experience. Child's play is another method for learning by the example of other children, who naturally gain satisfaction by playing the role of teacher or mentor to a less-experienced child.

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    Learning is a process

    It involves new connections being made in the brain in the cerebral cortex

    It requires concentration and repition

    it works best if there is an aim like a test to work for and a reward system like getting a prize or a promotion

    Alos according to Maslow requires needs

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    Being enabled to do things you could not do before you learned how to.

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    life is learning.

    everything you do that is new or different is learning.

    never let your mind go numb, always try something new. challenge yourself and try it the hard way, this is learning

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    It is the process in which new information is collected and used.

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