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Pet food recall question. Why are we having our pet food manufactured in China?

I know it's cheaper over there to have things made, but it's now at the cost of some people's pets' lives. I'd much rather pay a little bit more for my dog food to make sure it's made here in the US. People in other countries eat dog, so why are we trusting them to make our pets' food?


Thanks for the info on the wheat gluten being manufactured. I know it probably won't matter, but I just e-mailed my dog food's web site (Del Monte owned) and asked them why they are having ingredients manufactured from China. I asked them if they plan on switching to US manufacturers in the future. I doubt if I'll get an answer, but I'll post their reply if I get one.

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    The food was manufactured in two plants in Kansas; the parent company is based in Mississauga, Ontario; the suspect wheat gluten was purchased from China; many of the brands affected are US companies. That's the new global economy for you.

    In reality, we are trusting these large corporations (read: big brand names, and big store brands) to make our pet food. We have abdicated responsibility and trusted a corporation to feed our pets what they need. They let us down. We should be demanding transparency and accountability from these brands. We should at least know who manufactures the foods so that we can easily evaluate the situation when issues arise. I buy a dry store brand, and it has not been recalled - but the store brand has not told me who actually manufactures the food. In the future, I won't buy any brand that won't tell me who makes the product.

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    too many PETA people protest here in the US. We had a Joy dog food manufacturing plant just over the hill. Old, wild, injured and horses no one wanted were used in the making of dog foods. Cow, pig, chicken parts to name a few. Protesters basically shut the plant down because of this not thinking why these animal parts or in whole were being used.

    All in all it was less expensive to ship everything overseas where there aren't protesters, and cheaper labor to manufactur this food.

    Sucks doesn't it.

    It is one thing to help the animals that cannot do it on their own, it is another to waste a perfectly good source, first used for people then for our pets.

    You do not understand other cultures which is the reason you cannot understand why other countries eat dogs, or cats or rats. If you were brought up eating these things you would think nothing of it. We grew up on a farm where the meat you ate was tongue, stomach liver, gull bladder kidneys brains and yes even the eyes not Rib eye steak or ribs. Those were sold to make the money for the farm and feed for the work animals.

    I honestly believe with the world hunger problem, all animals that the US euthanizes should be sent over seas as a food source. Taking care of one problem with the waste of another. This also eliminates the need for slaughter of other animals bread only for food.

    I know it sounds weird, but think about it. Instead of a horse getting butchered to feed avillage, 5 dogs which are already being put down here in the states could do the same and the horse is saved. Even if you try to figure out what food is made here in the US, 60% of all meats for dog and cat foods are imported from places like Brazil (south americian countries) and Canada. South America is one of the leading producers of Beef (Thanks to McD's for destroying most of the recent rain forest for their beef heards) these left over parts are shipped to the US and Mexico for processing into pet foods. All hides are sent to Europe for tanning. So even if you think it is made here, it isn't 100%.

    For years I worked for a large Pharmesutical / chemical company and you would be shocked to know what I know about what companies do to animals.

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    As I understand it, the pet food was not manufactured in China, but the wheat gluten was produced there. The final packaging was still taking place here in the US and Canada.

    It's about 1/10th the price to get things done in China these days.

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    You know what? Our entire country is being destroyed by outsourcing. We just don't notice it because only kills financially and economically, slowly, bit by bit. And we sit here in our homes and put up with it. But, now, now that it is killing; taking precious, beloved family members, we finally see it. This pet food scare is abominable and there are a lot of people and corporations who have only ever seen the bottom line and do whatever it takes to make a buck. We in America, as a whole, have sat back and allowed this to happen to us in all arenas, but hopefully, this disaster may finally help us realize that we need to take back control of what we allow happen to us. Stop buying corporate manufactured pet food. Stop buying anything that was manufactured abroad or with components made abroad. Buy American products made by American companies who care.

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    It is not manufactured in China. (The dog food itself) Companies in the US were purchasing Wheat Glutin and Corn Meal from a manufacturer in China as an ingredient in the pet food.

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    I have gone to Purina and they replied back to me about the dog food. They told me that they have no room to make wet food out here in the us to make wet food. They also told me that their dry cat food is made in the US and their dry food is not sent out of the country. I found something while I was checking out some web sites and I found out it was not just china it was somewhere else also.

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    Everytime you shop at walmart you are sending money to china instead of america. Prices are cheaper but your wages soon show the cost. AARP did an outstanding article that showed the cost of outsourcing with comparison to the deficit. Take a look at jibjabs idea of it. http://www.jibjab.com/jokebox/jokebox/jibjab/id/42...

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    I understand what you are saying. ... and as for everyone saying because it is cheaper, big deal. I would much rather pay more than worry about my dog/cat getting sick. and the price of vet bills isn't cheaper.

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    It's cheaper. That is it. That is the only reason.

    I feed the foods at http://www.frrco.com/121668 and they are made here, no over seas food for my babies!

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    I know that's what I was wondering. You can't trust Chinese foodstuffs all of their rivers are polluted and they water their crops with it !

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