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robert r asked in SportsBoxing · 1 decade ago

Mary Jo Sanders or Laila Ali?

Laila's bigger, sexier, stronger...but I like Mary Jo's spunk!!!

I don't know who's quicker but size matters here. That said, Laila is a bit too taken with herself...and spread thin "Dancing w/ the Stars" trying acting, modeling, you name the desire gone?

The many who simply can't stand women's boxing, don't bother to answer...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Robert ~

    What does "Sexier" have to do with boxing? This fight will happen before you see Laila fighting any threat to her. Mary Jo as talented a fighter she is is just too small for Laila. Mary Jo was popping shots off Valerie Mahfoods head all night and couldn't stop her. Laila claims "She has to gain 8 more pounds before I fight her." There's a woman that is 8 pounds lighter that would not only beat Laila but would knock her out. Leatitia Robinson is the Middleweight Champion who Laila has been running from for over three years now.

    Ann Wolfe is another fighter that is close to Laila in size and weight but you wont see this fight either because it's too much of risk for Laila. She's a coward. She disgraces her fathers name which she loves to reap the benefits from.

    You'll see Laila vs Sanders for the mere fact that Laila knows Mary Jo isn't a threat and can't hurt her. You'll probably never get to see what Lailas really made of and how she's really just a bad mouthpiece using the family name.

    Thanks for the question Robert.

  • 1 decade ago

    I've seen several of both women's fights, and Mary Jo seems to be the better schooled fighter. Still there is a size advantage for Ali, and an intimidation factor attached to that name. I don't know if the distractions of other matters took the desire from Ali, but it cannot help her boxing performance, a huge part of boxing is mental, and distractions at the higher levels tend to be harmful, if not fatal. There are more formidable opponents that Sanders that Ali seems to have shelved. Sanders will be the toughest competition Ali has faced thus far, and this one is a tough call.

    In the end I lean towards Sanders in this one, Mary Jo seems to be the more focused of the two, but it's really too close to call.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sanders does have incredible boxing skills but she's lacking the power in her punches. I think Laila knows this and she even mentioned it last week. If you compare their matchups (Laila and Mary Jo) against Ann Wolfe, you can see that while Laila is not faster or more accurate than Mary Jo, her power made the difference. If this is a ten round fight, I put my money that Laila will eventually catch Mary Jo and then it's lights out.

  • 1 decade ago

    Mary Jo's dad was as tough a tight end you ever want to see as well. Mary Jo wins this one because as you alluded to, she is concentrating on boxing.

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    1 decade ago

    Laila Ali will knock her out the do the cha-cha on dacing w/ the stars

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