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I am try to find instructions on how to install a comcast sensory on a 200 Chevy Malibu car?

my engine light is on and I need to change the sensory wire

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID) is a neurological disorder pioneered 40 years ago by A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D., OTR. Dr. Ayres developed the sensory integration theory to explain the relationship between behavior and brain functioning. As described in Williams & Shellenberger's work entitled, How Does Your Engine Run? A Leader's Guide to The Alert Program for Self-Regulation, "Countless bits of sensory information enter our brain at every moment, not only from our eyes and ears, but also from every place in our bodies" (1-2). The brain must organize and integrate all of these sensations if a person is to move and learn normally.

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