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How much money did Reagan give the Iranian to free the hostages?

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    He didn't. He traded arms for hostages.

    Funny how none of the neo-nitwits mentioned this--but they sure are quick to blame Carter for the hostage crisis in 1979.

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    I don't remember Regan or anyone in US office confirming that we payed Iran cash to free the 1980 US hostages. this is what really dissapoints me to hear when people start beliving rumors, or think on their own thoughts what really happen when the 1980 US hostages in Iran were released. If US did pay Iran for the hostages, don't you think Iran would of brought it up to the world, So "NO"!! US never payed Iran for US hostages. Iran will pay for what they have done, and are doing you'll see.


    US doesn't negotiate with terrorist!!

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    -Arms for Hostages-

    Across the years Pres. Ronald Reagan summed up his philosophy in a slogan:

    "Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."

    Said the President, in an opening comment he penned himself: "Now you're going to hear the facts from a White House source, and you know my name." His key points:

    -- Yes, "for 18 months now, we have had under way a secret diplomatic initiative to Iran." Purpose: "to open a dialogue" with a strategically vital nation, some of whose leaders seemed willing to moderate its bitter anti-Americanism.

    -- Yes again, "during the course of our secret negotiations, I authorized the transfer of small amounts of defensive weapons and spare parts for defensive systems to Iran."

    -- No, absolutely no, the "U.S. has not swapped boatloads or planeloads of American weapons for the return of American hostages" held in Lebanon by Muslim extremists loyal to Iran. Although U.S. negotiators did press Iran to use its influence to free the hostages, the arms shipments were not "ransom." They were merely intended to "send a signal" that the U.S. was serious about improving relations with Iran.

    Were the arms transfers really as modest as Reagan indicated? Only, it seems, if weapons shipped by Israel with U.S. approval, which the President never mentioned, are left out of the equation. One briefer confirmed that the U.S. had "condoned" at least one large shipment of weapons from an unnamed country, obviously Israel, in September 1985; that happens to be the month when Lebanese extremists released an American hostage, the Rev. Benjamin Weir. Israeli sources have described other sizable shipments. In some cases Israel sent Iran spare parts for American-made jet fighters out of its own stockpiles; the U.S. then shipped new parts to Israel as replacements.

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