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Pitchers for Fantasy Baseball?

In mlb fantasy open, you choose specific pitching staffs. The two i have are yankees, and cardinals. A lot of people are saying that those pitching staffs are unreliable, ect. My other options are:

Arizona Diamondbacks (P , ARI)

Cincinnati Reds (P , CIN)

Florida Marlins (P , FLA)

Baltimore Orioles (P , BAL)

Pittsburgh Pirates (P , PIT)

Texas Rangers (P , TEX)

Seattle Mariners (P , SEA)

Colorado Rockies (P , COL)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays (P , TB)

Washington Nationals (P , WSH)

Kansas City Royals (P , KC)

Please let me know what the best pick would be, or if i should just keep the yanks or cardinals.


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  • Lee W.
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    D-Backs are the only one you can seriously consider. The Yank will be OK because the offense will get them wins. I am a bit concerned about St.L this year (even Carpenter got roughed up tonight).

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    I would say stick with the Yanks and Cards. They have the bats to get you the wins you need, plus the both have very good bullpens. They may not be the best starting fives in baseball, but they are certainly better than any other options. If you want to watch one of these staffs I would say keep an eye on the Pirates. If their young starters (Duke, Snell, and Maholm) pull through they could be good. Plus their bullpen usually is steady, though unspectacular.

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    Arizona would be a good team

    Webb, Johnson, national league, and a weak division

  • what?
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    id probably just keep the ones you have.

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