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What can I do to stop stuttering?

I am not a terrible stutterer, but I struggle with it every once in a while, and I really want to be worry free from it. Sometimes when I go out to socialize I dont jump in the conversations bc I am afraid I may stutter. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Check out The Stuttering Foundation at Several of my uncles and cousins who stuttered got help through their book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" along with one who went to a speech therapist the Foundation referred him to who specialized in treating stuttering.

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    Check out the mcguire program.

    A program run for stutterers by stutterers.

    I have stuttered all my life, I have done numerous speech therapies. The Mcguire program is the best by far.

    It won't be a quick fix. There is no quick fix, it takes hard work and persiverance.

    I am way better and way more confident than i used to be.

    I suggest going to the web site below and finding out about the closest place that runs a course to yourself.

    Attending a course is a must. If you really can't afford a course plus expenses(travel etc) you can buy the book written by dave Mcguire at book shops. Its called Freedoms road.

    However reading it is nothing like attending a course with fellow stutterers.

    Good luck

  • I met this guy Clifford Marshall who had a bad stuttering problem all his life. He was able to reverse it by singing his words. Ever notice how people don't stutter when they sing? Well he said that speaking in a sing-song tone helped him to pronunciate his words and his stuttering stopped. The reason behind it is that "singing produces a natural rhythm that prevents stuttering. If you apply the same concept when you speak, the stuttering problem will eventually disappear. "Pretty amazing. He has a book. It's called Public Speaking: How to Speak in Public Without Getting Sweaty Palms, Shaky Knees & Dry Mouth.

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    I saw a TV show once, where someone got some kind of brain surgery that cured him from stuttering.

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    There is a new invention that really helps stuttering. Go to a speech therapist

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    try to swallow your own saliva repeatedly. It sounds dumb but it is harder than it sounds, the better you become at it, the less you stutter. doctors recommended that for my sister and her stutter is barely noticeable now.

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    Go to a speech therapist. They work wonders.

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    ...use sign language.


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