URGENT!! Are there any lovely spots that are inexpensive to travel to in the Bahamas?

I would like to surprise my husband of 11 years and three children! We have never travelled on a vacation without the children, I think we deserve the sanity! Unfortunately we aren't millionaires of money, can anyone suggest places to stay in one location for a week lovely and inexpensive? Can we rent a small cottage for the week like a local and where could I find that info? I would rather this option, than a hotel and prepare meals at our leisure and taste. Is this an option? I will appreciate all valid answers, please don't reply unless you have travelled to the Bahamas personally and your answer has been from experience. Thank You!!!

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    I suggest using one of those website, such as:



    They sell packages with both airline & hotel prices included. Also, try to get a resort that is all inclusive with alcohol, and meals. Also you may try going during off months, like the end of the summer or late fall/winter. Doing these things will enable you to save A LOT of $$. Have fun!

    Source(s): Went to the Bahamas in Aug. 06 using one of those websites & only paid a little under $1,300 for both me & my boyfriend & we had a blast.
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    Wow... I'm not accustomed to seeing "inexpensive" and "Bahamas" used together in the same sentance.

    You would be better served to check with a travel agent in your home town because good 'deals' do come up from time to time, but I can tell you from personal experience that the Bahamas are ANYTHING but inexpensive. A 6 pack of the Local Beer is over 9 Dollars and just about everything else I can think if is even pricier.

    Check with a travel agent... that really IS your best bet.

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    lots of times you can get really great deals to the bahamas! ive been 4 times, and have never paid a whole lot. check cruise lines, they occasionally run awesome deals for a weekend or short vacation! and remember that you dont have to go to Nassau. freeport is also beautiful! i actually prefer it. there is an international market and a beautiful casino! check all your options, youre bound to find a good deal!! enjoy!!

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    I usually find a travel deal on this site:


    There you'll find last minute travel deals to private home rentals. Priceline you can always bid on something, but then you have to take whatever they give you.

    You'll find something inexpensive, I'm sure. Wish you the best! Have fun.

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