Question about recently installed laminate flooring?

The flooring was put in yesterday (they call it "floating floor" laminate) and as we walked on it last night we notice that some of the boards creak and groan. I know that traditional hardwood flooring does that when it gets older, but is laminate supposed to? Because if it's not, LOL - we need to get them back out here! Thanks.

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    1 decade ago
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    It sounds like some of them were probably not locked together properly, or the underlying floor had high spots that exceeded specifications Before installing a laminate floor it is always a good idea to check for unevenness in the floor, and the specifications allow only a very slight deviation. You better call them up and get them back out there. With a laminate floor the only way to fix a problem spot is to take up the planks in the reverse order they were installed.

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    i install floors for a living and it is not supposed to creek. if it does than that means that they did not use any floor leveler and they most likely used the cheapest padding they could find. get them back to fix it if you can.

  • its not suppose to squeak.

    thats why people get laminate flooring,

    not real wood flooring

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    1 decade ago

    Yes it can...Home depot makes a spray you can use for the creeky spots....Great floor...

    Good Luck

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