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rate my fantasy baseball team!?

ok so rate and if you want give me some advise

Active Batters

C-Johnny Estrada

1B-Ryan Howard

2B-Mark DeRosa

3B-Eric Chavez

SS-Bobby Crosby

OF-Jason Bay

OF-Torii Hunter

OF-Hideki Matsui

U-Derek Lee


SP-Roy Halladay

SP-Brandon Webb

SP-Haren Dan

SP-Kevin Milwood

RP-Takashi Saito

RP-Joel Zumaya

RP-Jason Isrinhausen

Reserve Batters

1B-Nomar Garciaparra

3B-Adrian Beltre

SS-Carlos Guillen

OF-Juan Pierre

Reserve Pitchers

SP-Joe Blanton

SP-Barolo Colon


there are 10 teams in the league

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    for a 10 team league you shuold have a better team than that.

    estrada is eh he is ok, wasnt michael barrett around?

    howard was obviously your first choice and a good one

    derosa you should be able to do better than that, wasnt freddy sanchez or kinsler or someone around or even rickie weeks?

    chavez is a bad 3b, horrible avg and he aint the same no more. there are tons of good 3b and you couldnt get one? is teahen still available? or alex gordon? teahen can play 3b but is moving to the OF and is a good sleeper. gordon is the 3b in KC and has lots of promise.

    crosby is often injured but luckily you have guillen who you should be starting anyway.

    OF is pretty good

    Lee is good.

    good SP except millwood, zumaya isnt the closer yet so hes not going to get you saves early on. saito is a great pick, he will be a monster. izzy is old and im afraid he might get hurt again.

    get rid of beltre he sucks and add another pitcher.

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  • 1 decade ago

    7.5, the batting is good, but the pitching brings it up a lot.

    if i were you i would replace nomar with derosa and gullen with crosby. Then it would go up to an 8.25

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