i am scared of animals?

i am scared of all animals.dogs, cats,rams even lizards. i keep thinking they are going to eat me up.i find some cute but that doesnt mean i can go near them. my parents would never take me for therapy theyl say i am being silly.help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    animals are nothing to be afraid of, all you have to do i s slowly face your fears, for example, if you have a friend with a dog or cat etc, then go to their house and pet the animal,this really does work, cos i have a friend who is terrified of dogs, but it was annoying cos i have 5 dogs and i wanted her to come over, so she phoned me and told me that she wanted to face her fears, so i invited her over and bought out my nicest dog, and brought her to my frined, she was scared at first but the she saw me stroking her and she slowly began to touch her, in the end she slowly began to touch the rest of my dogs, now she is starting to love them, so face your fears, its the easiest thing to do

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    1 decade ago

    People who generally are afraid of animals have either had a bad/traumatizing experience with them in their past or it could be that they do not know anything about them, thereby having the fear of the uknown. Gradual exposure to animals from a safe distance through education sometimes can help people become desensitized and allay their fears. Therapy also can be a benefit to make life more comfortable since so many people have pet animals.

    More on specific phobias: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/specific_ph...

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  • dogs will not eat you they will only kill you by biting you to death,so that,s understanding that you would be afraid, now cats are harmless they only scratch and make you bleed a little no big deal, they are more afraid of you then you are to them,rams will not even come near you unless they thing your a threat to their young, lizards will only bite you but they are not poisonous.no animals here will eat a human only sharks will eat a human and may be salt lack alligator's

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