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Sunday is good for Church & State. So hows that No Child left behing v Creation Science going???

Bush's standardized testing does not teach creation and the RedsStates are one by one disavowing science.

If schools don't teach the test how will they pass the standards needed to get Federal Funding???

BTW I believe both sides are wrong. And are to proud to admit there must be more to the story than they know.

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    You are just crazy to combine the two. They are not related.

    No child left behind is going fairly well, now that the NEA has stopped whining about it, and just started teaching.

    The debate between Creationists v. Evolutionists isn't going anywhere, thanks to the Liberal idea that "Evolution is Science."

    My 10 year old knows that it takes as much faith to believe evolution as it does to believe God created the earth. Origin theory should be taught in high school, not elementary school. Both sides are trying to do the job of parents in this respect.

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