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Could I be pregnant?

My period was a week late and all of a sudden I was having severe cramps to the point where I really thought I was going to die. I bled heavily for one day and its like my period completely stopped....and its been 3 days since then. Could I be pregnant? Has this ever happened to anyone? Whats going on? Only helpful answers need apply!

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    not to scare you, but i had a miscarriage about a year ago - and thats how it started. i had SEVERELY bad cramps, bled REALLY went away for like a week or two - and then came back and thats when i "passed" everything. so it could be that, or it also could be implantation bleeding..only a doctor could tell you what really is going on...they can do a blood test and find out if you are/were...and are losing it, etc. that is the only way i k new. good luck!

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    You could be, i have had two miscarriages and the pain you describe does sound like the ones i had. I however bled for a week afterwards and also had something else come out with the bleeding. I would take a pregnancy test just in case. If it says you are then go to your doctor and explain what happened as if it is a miscarriage it might not be a complete one and could be dangerous for you. Some people do have bleeding through pregnancy, i just suggest you go to your doctor and get checked over anyway.

    Hope this helps.

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    It sounds like you may have had a chemical pregnancy, which is when you miscarry very early on. So early, in fact, that most women just feel they've had a late or heavier and more painful period than usual. During that week when you were late, did you take a pregnancy test? If not, you probably won't know for sure if you were pregnant and it didn't take, or if you just had one of those odd periods that was late and heavy.

    It wouldn't hurt to go to a GYN and get checked out. You want to make sure that there is nothing serious going on and also, he or she can give you a blood test to determine for sure if you are currently pregnant.

    Good luck.

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    Maybe, ask your mom so you can know if your pregnant because your mom gave birth to you , ask her about the past when she was pregnant, you can take a blood test too or a pregnancy test ( My Mom don't know that she was pregnant and she kep 't on playing volleyball and after She fell while playing volleyball, then she bled heavily and then after that her friends called My Dad , when He went there to my Mom He called the doctor , and when she gave birth to Me she said I was a luck charm and she also said that I have so muck good luck that I can give it to my brother's and sister's and I was the one of the most important Child she ever has )

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    I doubt it, if you bled heavily it would be unlikey it could survive that,but it does sound like you misscarried. Get to a doc as they can do a blood test that will still detect the hormone if you were pregnant, but you have to go as soon as you can. All the best xxx

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    That didn't happen to me, but you might want to check with your doctor and also if the blood was bright red chances of you being pregnant are slim, because there isn't ever supposed to be bright red blood during pregnancy. Good luck.

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    The best thing to do is go to your doctor.... I have heard of people having a period for a day and then it stops.

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    I don't think so, but take a pregnancy test just in case, that is the only way you will know for sure. No one can tell you if you are or not without you taking a test.

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    It sounds like a miscarriage, you need to go to the doctor and be examined as soon as you can.

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    I would call first thing in the morning and get in at the doctors or go to planned parenthood and tell them its important you must be seen ASAP!

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