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David Hicks?

Does anyone think david hicks is innocent.He is an australian that is in guantanamo bay prison for 5 yrs.He is beleived to be a terrorist......he may be coming back to australia...what do others think of this....

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    I am not sure of his guilt but it does seem strange that we where told by the US military and the Australian government that he was a vile and brutal terrorist the worst kind of terrorist.

    but when he finally gets to court and then pleads guilty those sitting in judgement where so concerned about letting him out amongst good people the gave him 9 months. something is really weird with all this.__

    "Mark S"' you are right he has broken no laws. He was arrested by a foreign country, removed from that country and jailed in another foreign country.

    He has finally been to court and sentenced once he his released do you really think that he is not going to be watched.

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    If the government can get us to believe the WMD line then I am sure they could convince us that anyone can be a terrorist.What about the 2 British nationals that are in Guantanamo they fled Saddam as children and went back for business only to be arrested as terrorists there is quite often 2 sides to a story its a pity the government put a gagging order on Hicks so we will never find out his side,

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    The more I read through the pages of this site the more I believe that people are basicly stupid who beleive everything they read and just parrot the same. Here is a fact David Hicks has not broken one law, international, Australian US or US military, he trained with a reported terrorist group. The same group that the US government supplied arms to to fight Russians in Afganistan. Hicks is no more of a Terrorist than i am.

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    The government has brainwashed news agencies to making every Gitmo detainee a terrorist. It's ridiculous. If Hicks was such a key player in the running of a terrorist organization, I doubt he'd be able to enter a plea bargain and serve only 9 months in prison.

    Whether or not he's innocent or guilty, it was wrong for him to be held at Guantanamo for as long as he was. I'm glad he's returning to Aussie!

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    He is a terrorist who went there for blood lust what else!!

    all the terrorists that he joined in Afghanistan killed & raped & beat women didnt they? women were not allowed to go out in the street without some man with them

    women were treated like complete shi* by this mob

    & that would have been known by hicks before he went there

    dont ever trust him

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    i imagine it really is us Australians who ought to exhibit remorseful about. We very easily sit down in our undemanding chairs crying chicken over genocide and crimes antagonistic to humanity all over the world. We fly victims from Kosovo to our own seashores, we invaded East Timor in the call of justice and human rights. yet at the same time as an Australian citizen falls down and makes a poor mistake extremely of coping with it ourselves we pass hand him over to a overseas capacity to torture and punish indefinitely to their own pride without the choose of a honest trial or any kind of verify or stability that a civilized society ought to call for. The very last time one of those rampant lynch-mob mentality exceeded off in this u . s . we placed Lindy Chamberlain in penal complicated for 3 years merely to ascertain she became completely risk free and had to be compensated for wrongful imprisonment. We even dealt with the perpetrators of the Nazi Holocaust for far worse crimes antagonistic to humanity more advantageous perfect than the abysmal way David Hicks became dealt with by technique of his own authorities. Do I accept as true with what David Hicks did or the different "terrorist" accessible - easily no longer and in no way will. yet i am going to guard to the shortcoming of life his proper to a honest trial and elementary undemanding decency and human rights. For isn't that why we despatched our men over there to wrestle for in the first position? If the reply is a few thing else, then who's the pot and who's the kettle and who shouldn't have black soot on them? submit edit: David Hicks in accordance to the words of the kangaroo courtroom papers he signed, isn't allowed to remark in the media about the affair for 12 months after launch. some thing he does contact upon will be grounds for him touchdown decrease back in Gulag-anomo Bay. the actual fact this era of time coincided with an Australian Federal Election says each and every thing about what is going on the following.

  • the american government is the real enemy, they are the only thing that is evil in this world

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    I don't think he is

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