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Do u know famous people who were diagnosed to have a personality disorder?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you mean like depression/bi polar....which there are HEAPS or other types like schizophrenia etc ?

    Here is a list of some

    Famous people with bipolar disorder


    Virginia Woolf


    Robert Lowell

    Anne Sexton

    Abraham Lincoln

    Winston Churchill

    Theodore Roosevelt





    Tom Harrell, Jazz Musician

    John Nash - Mathematician/Nobel Prize Winner

    Andy Goram - Scottish Soccer Player/Goal Keeper

    Lionel Aldridge - Superbowl-winning Football Player

    Peter Green, Guitarist for the band Fleetwood Mac

    Syd Barrett of the band Pink Floyd

    James Beck Gordon (Jim Gordon) - Jism Gordon had been, quite simply, one of the greatest drummers of his time

    Charles "Buddy" Bolden - Jazz Musician

    Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln (past-President of the United States)

    Vaclav Nijinsky, Famous Russian Dancer


    Abraham Lincoln

    suffered from severe and incapacitating clinical depression which sometimes led to thoughts of suicide as well

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    The brilliant composer is documented as having suffered from bipolar disorder,

    Tennessee Williams The playwright wrote about his personal struggle with clinical depression in his own Memoirs,

    Vincent Van Gogh

    Bipolar disorder

    Isaac Newton

    Suspected of suffering from bipolar disorder,

    Vivien Leigh

    The British actress of the 1950's & 60's, star of Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire suffered from the mental illness bipolar disorder,

    Patty Duke

    The Academy Award-winning actress revealed her bipolar disorder in her autobiography and made-for-TV move

    Charles Dickens

    clinical depression.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Both Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe had Borderline Personality Disorder, as evidenced by both of their mood swings, feelings of emptiness and depression, charisma (a common trait among those with BPD), sensitivity, feelings of needing to be loved, fear of abandonment, suicide attempts and suicide respectively, Diana's bulimia, and Monroe's dependency on drugs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    90% percent of women have a personality disorder so I am guessing a few famous people are in that population.

    See answer below me.

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