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Chiz, Cesar, Kiko or Richard for Senate? Why (honestly please)?


Windblown: To address your question, I'm not a Filipino citizen, so I cannot vote for any of these guys. FYI, I like two of these guys' philosophies but I cannot tell you which two--because I am not judgemental as you misunderstand me to be.

Finally, yes I still dispense constructive criticism. I wish more here would as well.

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    I don't normally go for actors but if I were a voter, I would not hesitate voting for Cesar Montano even if he is with the party I wouldn't support. He talks sensibly, so why not? And from the short time I caught his little quips, he showed soem compassion I haven't seen in the rest of his partymates.

    Even Pres. Estrada, a known actor was Mayor of San Juan City for 15 or so years, and he did well I guess, considering that the people in San Juan always elected him for mayor time and again. And nobody can accuse of the San Juan folks of being stupid, as majority of the residents there are rich and educated people. And when he became president, he garnered the most number of votes more than any other president of the Philippines elected to the post. His only weakness was his penchant for women. But as I would have reasoned for and defended Clinton in the US, Estrada's private life was not a hindrance in performing his duties.

    And those manipulating rich politicians hungry for power were able to turn the people in believing in the testimony of a known corrupt, hoodlum and killer as a witness against Estrada, simply astounded me. And who is this man the rich conveniently used against him? This old little man as small as the power grabber is the known patron of the underground hueteng or numbers game in the north, whose main beef against the president was the latter's attempt to legalize the game (so that the government may get taxes) that to him is a goose that lays the golden eggs. He was against the legalization because he would not be able to control it anymore, and that was his main reason, with the secondary one being that of accounting (something he could not do) for the tobacco tax that was missing under his watch, and the the other reason, his having been asked to liquidate a long standing cash advance availed in millions of pesos. And only because the duly elected president would not help him out of his own mess. That is the man that Filipinos should not vote for at all... the man known to many as Chavit.

    Sorry for the digression, I just couldn't help it.

    And why not Chiz? I always go for men of principles regardless of party. So, if I were to vote, Cesar and Chiz would be in my list. But never never for a lawyer like Kiko who can close his eyes to a wrong being done right before in front of him, and who was in fact the main actor in the parody. Down with that man Kiko, who has no principles. Down with that small old man Chavit who has not learned or done anything good at all for his fellowmen up to his dotage.

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    i dont know why chiz is so popular. i never liked that little thin man...when he opens his mouth, all i can hear is blah blah blah blah blah...he's always whining and pretending to know everything...mr. know-it-all!!!!

    as for the rest, i like kiko, he doesnt speak much but he knows what he's doing...

    for cesar and richard, i agree with somebody's answer that they should run for a lower position....perhaps local instead of heading straight to the top...but who knows, they may do something about the country: they already have the money, they already have the fame, they already have a woman, what else do they need and could possibly get from politics? maybe something good might come out of it...

    once again, i hate chiz!!!he talks way too much!!!

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    Not Cesar or Richard. Chiz and Kiko for senate because they have good platforms. Kiko for education and Chiz is in the genuine opposition. LOL!

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    Before answering this, is this a question or a judgement on your part already not to vote for these people? Or this will be one of your 'constructive' criticisms?

    (After the additional details) Fair enough. Just wondering because you have so many questions regarding the Philippines and the Filipinos as a whole. I just do not know if you are studying or something else. I just do not know if the answers will be used as a tool to criticize again. Its okay if you just really want to get some answers and want to indulge in a 'healthy' conversation. As I have said in my previous answers, it may be taken negatively or otherwise. (at least you've said, that you're always ready for the worse)

    Lastly, as you have said, you've been staying long enough in the Philippines and "perhaps" you know the culture and traits already. Hope you are correct in your self assessment. Anyway, all the help being given to the the Filipinos and the country will be definitely appreciated.

    Best regards.

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    I would choose Chiz and Kiko. They have the experience and the right "plataporma" (sorry, i dunno the english for that! lol) Richard and Cesar MUST run for a lower position such as running for local gov't. Cesar may run for the governor of Bohol and Richard as well may run for mayor in San Juan or Manila or whatever! For you to run for a national position, it takes a lot of experience and knowledge! :)

    ei, "palimos...blah blah blah" whatever ur name is..don't ever judge me especially my level of education. i'm just a person and i'm not perfect..SORRY kung di ko alam ung english nung plataporma ha..

    so, ano?tanong ka pa..baka magulat ka na lang sa isasagot ko..hahaha..

    aba, c palimos blah blah...humihirit pa! hahaha...kung asarin mo ang UST kala mo kaya mong pumasok dun ah...subukan mo munang MAG-ENTRANCE EXAM para nman bumilib ako sau...kasi ako, passed. tsk tsk tsk...

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    why? what's the problem with that?

    Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but there is a sarcasm in your question.

    we can't judge them just because they are celebrity (aside from chiz,kiko)

    we already have scholars and rich educated people in our government but they still haven't done anything, maybe the 4 person you mentioned above will make the difference.

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    hi, well sir, you sure do ask a lot of questions here...now if i had a quarter for every question...sir, actors who are running for office probably have good intentions in the beginning. sustaining those good intentions throughout their foray into politics will be something else. if they do manage to, then in the end, they will be saints. if not, then they will just be common politicians. i hope cesar wins though, because he's the type of man i'd like to marry someday: handsome, yummy, cute, and tough! can you tell i have a major crush on him. sigh. oh sir, can i have a quarter? salamat po!

    hi, sir marcelino just below me. the english word for plataporma is agenda. don't quote me on that though. my tagalog is as bad as my english. i've been home schooled you see. iskul bukol or school of hardknocks. do you have a quarter? thank you din po!

    sir, m just below me, why the animosity? i was simply sharing what i know. no need to get all ruffled around the gizzard. so you're on the dean's list are you (what is a dean's lister? is that similar to saying an overpass is a flyover?...weird!). i've heard of u.s.t. it's utot-sabay-tae, isn't it? hahahaha...oh sorry po, sir, for being so rude. by the way, what's ust's mascot. is it tubol or ipot? hahahaha again!

    sir m, pa ano po kayo na ka pasa ng entrance exam sa universidad? siguro po walang kwestions na katulad na ito: translate 'plataporma' into english (200 points)? congrats, sir, for being a 'dean's lister.' maybe when i'm done with high school, i'll be smart enough like you to attend ust and make it on the prestigious dean's list. however, if i do qualify, i hope i'll have enough sense not to let everyone know of the fact every chance i get---it's not a feat similar to inventing the wheel, or discovering the polio vaccine, or anything significant along those lines. i'm very humble you see. sige po, sir, make sure to concentrate on your english vocabulary lessons in college! if you need someone to translate for you, i can help. i'm very helpful po kasi, though i may live in the slums of tondo and have nothing to recommend me to a 'dean's lister' like you.

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