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which way does the water swirl when you flush a toilet on the equator?

on the northern hemosphere, the water swirls clockwise. on the souther hemosphere, it swirls counter-clockwise. What about directly on the center line.

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    It swirls in whichever direction the water jets are pointing. Sorry, the answer isn't fun, but the whole north south hemisphere thing is a myth.

    "The way that the water in your toilet swirls is determined by the way that your toilet is built, not which hemisphere you live in. The toilet shoots the water into the bowl at an angle, which determines which way the water swirls. "

    In the case of a drain or bathtub, the force usually described as responsible for the direction the water swirls is a force known as the Coriolis force, which is a force that appears due to the earth's spin. However, this force is not strong enough to affect which direction the water swirls. This is instead due to small things such as how the water falls (if it is a little off center from where the drain is) and the path the water has taken previously. Miniscule things can influence the waters path, and it doesn't really have to do with what hemisphere you're in. Sorry again, it's not as exciting as it seems it should be. Here's another link that explains it maybe better than I can:


    And another:


    The consensus is that hurricanes and such are large enough to be affected by the "Coriolis Force", but things as small as a bathtub or sink are not.

    And also, the Earth will not turn into a black hole. It doesn't work that way, and the shape of a galaxy has nothing to do with which direction water swirls in a toilet bowl, or a drain of any sort. Hemispheres also have nothing to do with a magnetic field. The magnetic field goes from the S. pole to the N. pole, so at the equator, the magnetic field would still be going (in the general direction) of the north pole... the spinning of water has nothing to do with the earth's magnetic field.

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    There is no direct "spot". The magnetic field moves in two direction at the same time. To explain this phenomina is to cut a strip of paper 8 x 1/2 x .003. Keep in mind that the ribbon of paper is three dimensional. Lay flat on the table and mark one end with 'N" & the other with 'S". Lift the ribbon and form a circle. As the ring forms you must pass the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator and then the Tropic of Capacorn. At the point that the equator was passed the north looses its identity and is now South. In Science there can be no contridiction. Lay flat on the table the ribbon with the marks on the underside and mark the end that has the 'N" with an 'S". Now form the circle again this time with a 90 degree twist. Look at your marks. The North is North and the South is South. Study the Helix and note that the twist begins at Cancer goes through the null and rotates out of the twist at Capicorn. The magnetic field is a helix. It drags all the dust and gases with it and makes weather. One can say that weather is a function of magnetics and not of thermodynamics. A magnet is compossed of 3 parts which is known as the Trinity. The N&S are all equal. The power of & is energy without mass which is known as antimatter. This can be proven by breaking a bar magnet and atempting to rejoin the two parts. It can not be done. Your three dimensional ribbon of paper as viewed at the edge has a negative & positive whether or not it is 8 inches long or .003 inches thick. Matter can not exist without antimatter. Same thing with the atom. Electron, Nuetron, Protron. The ribbon allong its length is also N&S so it is imposible to have a direct line of separation between the two forces. The point of transition from North to South is refered to as Polarization. The term domain of the north and the domain of the south tells us that we are entering into an unbalance. That is why Solar systems are Flat as well as Galixies. Planets form within the null as frequency are read in the sine. There is no mystery here as long as you understand the trinity. Was it a coincidence that the atomic weopns station was named TRINITY as we know the project to be.

    The null changes and the most frequent appearance is found in the Bermuda Triangle and it has a corresponding location on the other side of the Globe. This is what will become a BLACK HOLE as the Earth grows to become a gas giant and a star, a solar system, a galaxy within the universe. Very simple stuff.

    Source(s): Paul Einstein, Great Grandson of Albert and Meleva Meric God, the Cosmological Constant 06/06/06 Logan Daily News
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    It just goes straight down into the hole, according to my friend, who went to the equator and tried that.

    Perhaps in a toilet Taiyed is right, but what about something like a bathtub or sink? The water still spins even though there are no jets and it's a perfectly round drain.

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    Usually in toilets the direction is caused by the inlets that let water into the toilet. So it would just go whichever way those point.

    However, hurricanes do spin either way depending on northern/southern hemisphere and I don't know what would happen.

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    one would assume that it wouldn't exactly swirl but just drain out without swirling

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