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Why doesn't anyone...?

Why doesn't anyone look at defensive stats anymore?

I always hear of how good a player is by his average and RBIs.

However, I always look at the player's (no name) stats and he sucks on defense.

Why doesn't anyone look at defensive stats?


Nacnud I was not naming anyone, but Inge does have an arm and a half.

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    When a pitcher throws, and the ball gets hit, it's pretty much out of his control. He has some say as to how hard the ball will get hit off him, but once it leaves the bat, it's all defense to say if the play will be a hit or an out.

    That's why defense matters. Putouts, assists and errors don't tell the whole story, since it doesn't say how many plays they didn't get to. Those stats get recorded to the pitcher. A good fielder will get to balls others won't, and record more outs. Problem is, there are only 27 putouts in a game (usually), so it doesn't tell whether the defense got to every ball, or gave up 10 extra hits.

    Defense is important, it wins and loses ballgames. But it's hard to measure.

    (On an unrelated note, the DH encourages players who cannot field to play the game, which may explain why defense seems underrated in this homer-happy era.)

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    Ozzie Smith wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame if it weren't for defense. He was a career .265 hitter, but he sure could play shortstop. Most defensive players these days are excellent hitters, so their offensive production overshadows their defense. Ken Griffey Jr. won every gold glove for centerfield in the 90s, but guess what? The man can hit!

    The only player I can think of now who is known for his defense is Omar Vizquel, shortstop for the Giants. He has 13 gold gloves I believe it is and is a mediocre hitter. When someone brings up defense, he is the guy I think of.

    Derek Jeter is NOT a good shortstop. I've said it once and I'll say it again. He won gold gloves, but doesn't deserve them. Read this:

    Jeter's defense has been criticized throughout his career.[9][10] For years statistical analysts have pointed out that he makes fewer plays than most shortstops.[11][12] At this point, according to most defense metrics, it's virtually indisputable that on a day-to-day basis, he's a below-average defender, despite the fact that he has won 3 Gold Glove awards.[13][14] The book The Fielding Bible by John Dewan contains an essay by Bill James that explains why Astros shortstop Adam Everett is far superior to Jeter defensively. James analyses the available evidence (four separated methods relying on a different set of facts and based on exhaustive research), and suggests that Derek Jeter could be the worst defensive shortstop of all time, he concludes: "Giving him every possible break on the unknowns, he is still going to emerge as a below average defensive shortstop." The conclusion of the analysis done by Baseball Info Solutions' method (based on systematic observation) was that Derek Jeter "was probably the least effective defensive player in the major leagues, at any position."[15]

    He has also been often cited as the most overrated player in Major League Baseball, by critics and by other players, while he was voted the league's best shortstop by fellow players just one year earlier.[16][17]

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    They do but its more exciting if the player can also hit for average and power. Now if you look at the year last year that Eric Chavez had he didn't do too good at the plate but he can play 3rd and sorry for the whitesox fan and the tigers fan but Chavez is the best 3rd baseman in the leage and he had the least amount of errors that he has had in a season of 5 last year and thats with tendinitis in both arms. Look at Andruw Jones, Jim Edmonds both can make the huge play offensively and defensively. The reason why offense is more exciting is because you need to score to win.

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    I agree.Defense is either the 2nd most or the most important part of the game.People overlook great defensive players like Vizquel,Inge and even Jeter.People forget that plays are made in the field too,not just the batters box.

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    because people today want flash not good fundamental baseball.what about pitchers?all anyone cares about is how many mph show up on the radar when the best pitchers dont rely on speed but rather mechanics and mental trickery.mph is nice but it does not make one a good pitcher.real baseball people are down with the defensive stats ,but some joe who maybe watches a game once in while while hes drinking just wants to see a derek lee or ryan howard type player smacking homeruns and tallying up runs so they have an excuse to say "whooooo" real loud

    Source(s): p.s. sorry about your loss last year i hate larussa and pujols and all those meth smokin cardinals fans.i would hve loved to see you guys win last year.
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    defensive stats are very misleading. The only way to tell how a player is defensively is to watch him play.

    See, you and Georgie would know Inge is a good defensive 3rd baseman. But all I know is he made 3 errors on one play in the playoffs last year. They can't all be DE-REK!!! JE-TER!!!

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    I love defense!

    Just look at all those great plays Inge makes.

    He makes them so routine. Man, that kid has got one heck of arm on him!

    I love watching Inge play 3rd base!!!



    Inge only made 2 (not 3) errors on that one play. One of which was obstruction.

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    Yes, defensive stats are overlooked. Alex Gonzalez for my Red Sox was getting all this crap but, nobody knew that he is the best defensive shortstop today.

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    Unfortunately, the game has changed, my friend. Home runs have pretty muchh defined success the past 15 years because of steroids and all. Hopefully, with tougher testing in place, pitching and defense will matter again

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    That's why Joe Crede is the best 3rd baseman in baseball.

    Source(s): Joe Crede's awesomeness
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