is anxiety attacking you?


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    1 decade ago
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    It has been for a long time. I have just let it go. I'm back on track - actually finding a new track a much better one. The resistance has helped me with that Rooster. :)

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    Social anxiety can cause these feelings, which can also lead to severe depression,

    if not you could be suffering from Generalized Anxiety


    There is hope; I've been there, and still am there, it is a long, hard struggle. I recommend

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) worked best for me, with mild anti-anxiety meds. I suffered from social anxiety for over 15 years. I've tried individual therapy, and group therapy and studied psychology for 10 years, as a profession, but also with the hope to cure myself.

    Depending on your comfort level, you could go to a psychologist that practices CBT and specializes in anxiety disorders, seek a group therapy, or create one. Usually those that do attend the group therapy are a bit more high functioning because as you know, it can be difficult to speak in a group.

    Another idea is to see if there are any local research studies being conducted that you could participate in.

    The program that finally worked the best for me is this one: and I was lucky enough to have a structured behavioral group to go along with it. Sometimes the people that actually attend this program come back home and form groups.

    I recommend a mild anti-anxiety med in addition to CBT therapy.

    Any questions, let me know ... I can't tell you how much this has improved my life!

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    Great question, yes it does...I may take things to serious and I get hyped up. But really anxiety is awful..I had a anxiety attack that put me in the hospital once.....oh Chola needs to chill! But I am type A personality I am sure that does not help, and oh Rooster I can get really riled up!



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  • 1 decade ago

    No, I attack Anxiety

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nope Yep Maybe

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    1 decade ago

    No. I usually don't get anxious. But I was a few days this month following an ugly incident. All's cool now.

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    1 decade ago

    Not now, but I do have bad anxiety!

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    Not at the moment. I've enhanced my calm here. lol

    Enya <3

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    1 decade ago

    Not at the moment

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    1 decade ago


    Any magic pill to get rid of it??

    A fortune for that magic pill..!!

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