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My friend is having a sweet 16 and i am looking for truth and dare ?'s. We will play with 1 guy and us 2 girls

We will be riding in a limo for a couple hours. we will got to the beach and a couple other places. We need to have a lot of truth and dare questions to use while we ride in the limo. There are only 3 people playing; me, her and one guy. if you can help it would reallybe appreciated! :)

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    Truth or dare. With you guys playing in a car you are probably limited to some of the dares that you can do. I would change it and have everyone answer the “Truth” questions and let the other ask for details if they are interested. Here are some questions…

    Truth Questions: Have you ever...

    1. been in a car accident

    2. read someone's email without their permission

    3. cheated on a test

    4. been in a fist fight

    5. had a drink or gotten drunk

    6. licked carpet

    7. been told that you are hot/cute/gorgeous

    8. turned someone down for a date

    9. been snowboarding

    10. had a crush on a teacher

    11. had fantasies about a teacher

    12. shown a guy your boobs for money or for free

    13. let a guy touch your boobs

    14. touched a guy's p e n i s

    15. watched a porno

    16. watched a porno with someone of the opposite sex

    17. walked in on your parents naked

    18. walked in on your brother while he masterbated

    19. given/received a b l o w j o b

    20. What does c u m taste like? Give us your best description.

    21. How much money would it take for you to have sex with a stranger? What about someone of the same sex? (Assume you would not catch anything in both cases.)

    22. How long is your penis (for guys) or what is your bra size (for girls)?

    23. (For Guys) Have your ever touched another guys penis? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? Why? (For Girls) Have you ever touched a girls boob? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? Why?

    24. (For Guys) Have you ever tasted your own sperm? (For Girls) Have you ever fingered yourself and then tasted your finger?

    25. Have you ever been caught masturbating by someone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? What happened? Did they help?

    26. Have you ever been caught having sex? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? What happened? Did they help?

    27. Have you ever been arrested? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? What happened?

    28. Have you ever paid a girl to show you her boobs (For Guys) or taken money from a guy to show him your boobs? (For Girls) for sex or had sex for money? If so, give the group details. Who was it? Where were you? How much money?

    29. How old were you when you had sex?

    30. How old were you when you gave oral sex?

    31. How old were you when you got oral sex?

    32. (Guys) How old when you had your first wet dream? (Girls) How old were you when you wore your first bra?

    33. (Guys) Describe the perfect girl for sex? How big are her boobs? Is she shaved? How tight should she be? Does she swallow? Does she have teeth?

    34. (Girls) Describe the perfect guy for sex? How big are his biceps? How tight are his abs? How long/wide is his penis? Does he swallow? Is he there in the morning?

    Dares: These are tough because I do not know what you would be comfortable with. If this is supposed to be a game for adults, here are my suggestions.

    1. Moon a car through the window.

    2. Flash a car through the window

    3. Kiss someone in front of the group

    4. Kiss someone of the same sex in front of the group

    5. Put peanut butter somewhere on your body and choose one person to lick it off.

    6. Play one round in your underwear

    7. Measure how big your nipple is. Dime size, Quarter sized, 50 cent piece. You must do it in front of the group.

    8. Measure how big your penis is. You must do it in front of the group.

    9. Play one round naked.

    10. Put whipped cream on your body and have the player of your choice lick it off entirely. Do this in front of the group.

    Instead of truth or dare you could play strip poker in the back of the limo. Tell everyone in advance so they can come dressed with lots of clothes or in costume or wearing sun glasses like you see on TV. Make sure you decide how many clothes a person will take off before they are out before you start the game. Take a picture before, and take a picture afterwards. It makes for good scrapbooks. Once a person loses all their clothes except their underwear, they are out of the game and have to stay that way until the game is over. Optional for girls would be bra and underwear. People can also choose to wear outrageous or funny or sexy underwear. You can wear bags on your heads or masks for the after picture and then no one can see your faces. You can also mix give the winner of each hand a choice to either put something back on or make the loser take something off. It lengthens the game a little, but makes it more fun. Also, side bets between players should be encouraged.

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    TRUTH: Have you ever said "I love you" to a total stranger?

    If you had to kiss one of your or your friend's siblings/cousins, which one?

    Have you ever cried in public?

    If you could take one celebrity with you to a deserted island, who?

    Dare: I dare [person A] to drink a soda/whatever after [person B] has backwashed in it.

    I dare [person A] to stick their heads out the window and yell, "MICHAEL JACKSON IS MY HOMEBOY!!!" (Any potentially taboo/embarrassing statement will do. The guy could yell, "I LOVE ALL THE BOYS IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!" and it would count.)

    I dare [person A] to sit on [person B]'s lap for a full minute.

    I dare [person A] to stick a soda down their pants. Then, when you walk into a store, have [person B] say, "Hey, can I have some soda?" To which [person A] replies, "Sure, go ahead!" [person A] then whips out the soda, and [person B] chugs it down in full view of everyone in the store. [Person B] then says something like, "Boy, nothin' like pants to add flavor to a soda!" Make sure the entire exchange is carried out loudly enough to make anyone in the store uncomfortable. The dare-er then hastily denies knowing either person A or B.

    I've got many more, if you need em! I'm not so good at truth, but I've got more. Email me at if you need em!

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    Dare: Shout at the top of your lungs who you love the most?

    truth: Who do you love the most?

    This works best if the person is very shy or nervous about that person.

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    I dare you ( if ur a girl ) to shove an ice cube down ur bra and lie flat on ur stomach til it melts.

    I dare you to stick toilet paper to ur shoe, pull up ur underware ( so they're showing ), and pretend to fart, while walking in the mall.

    i dare to to eat a flower

    i dare you to stuff an ice pack down ur pants and walk down ur street


    If u had to pick a nerd out of ur class to kiss, who would it be?

    If you had to wear a chain-link thong or huge granny undies, what would it be?

    Would you rather walk in on ur brother doing it, or taking a crap?

    If you had to see one of ur classmates naked, who would it be?

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