Any info on how to collect money owed from a slip and fall without involving a lawyer in Florida?

Looking for any info on how to collect money for medical bills, even if my HMO has paid all but a $100.00 co pay. Can I ask the apartment owner where I fell to pay the total? I am in FL. Fell into a sprinkler hole that was supposed to have a cover on it like all the others did around it. Taken by ambulance to hospital and trying to get money for medical bills and just wondering how I go about askig for the max WITHOUT getting a lawyer involved, just to save all involved money. Or can you point me in the direction on where to find the info. THANKS


Thanks there John for your 2 cents, but I was jogging at night on the course THEY have for us to use with big lights and eveything. However, someone failed to place a cover back on the very LARGE hole they dug to install a sprinkler or something. The other holes around it were all covered and I did tell maintenece about it and this was back in 10-6 and as of right now it is still there. And for those who felt the need to complain about hlth insur on the rise, that would be the reason I am trying to do this WITHOUT a lawyer and ask for my medical bills, NOT pain and sufering and everything else lawyers love to use. I was trying to leave it alone but after the ttl of a ambulance ride, MRI and now PT things are a bit coslty. So yes I did tell them and nothing....its still there and I was watching were I was running, however I do not run with my head down looking at the grass. I do try to look ahead to make sure I dont run into anything..this was a hole with grass growing over it, NO COVER

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    Why do people sue over stupid stuff, i mean really yeah they should of put a cover on it, but you should watch where your walking. If every one would quit being greedy maybe our insurance rates would drop alittle.

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    I hope you have proof that they left it uncovered and that you actually fell because of it. It's the only way you'll come close to getting any money because otherwise they will laugh at you for trying to sue them over nothing.

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    Ya got to get a lawyer it is the american way they need their 33%

  • 1 decade ago

    Did you report it to them??

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