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What are the steps in laying sod?

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    Sod must, when placed, have a warm and cozy home.

    Amend the soil with both additional "good" soil, drainage,

    nutrients (basic 10-10-10 fert gran.).


    Tamp the surface to the level and angle you wish the

    turf to grow. The soil is right when you can walk on it with

    very little indentation from your foot. Prior to planting run

    either a heavy rake or a Garage Broom (it's true) over the



    Order and plant as much sod as you can in one

    day. The real shelf life from a nursery is about two days.

    If the area is large enough a sod-farm will cut it that very


    Offset the placement of the sod in the case of

    a whole set being bad for your area. Do not use a

    patch of sod to fill-in (except in areas around paving)

    unless it is at least 1/3rd of the length of the sod.

    These die.


    Water like you have never believed. Keep an

    eye on local forecast, however, after install water at

    least 1/2 in of rain per foot. Your sod will need

    a full 1" per week until established (generally four


    One week after install you will note hills and

    curled edges of the sod. When the turf and soil are

    between waterings you need to rent a turf roller to

    secure the sod to the soil.

    Two weeks after sodding I apply a light

    application of a certified Ryegrass mixture and then

    water. After that let the Mother Nature do what she

    does best.

    A Side Note: Many people sod because the grass does not grow. Sod Farms do not grow sod for shade areas of turf.

    Sod in a shaded area is a reciepe for disaster.

    Source(s): Turfgrass Mgmt Penn State.
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