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im losing myself to

Okay I have a problem that is absolutely destroying my life and I have no idea how to fix it...I feel like I've tried everything and nothings worked.

I eat really healthy during the day, In general Im just a healthy person as I exercise and eat the right things, never starve myself etc...but during the night I always wake up and eat junk food, its like I cant control myself and I'm half asleep when I do it, I just go to the kitchen and stuff my face. This has caused me of course to gain weight, and the harder i try and stop this night binging the worse it gets. Im embarrassed about my weight and its making me SERIOUSLY depressed. I feel out of control of my life, there s no one to turn to, i dont have insurance so i cant go to a doctor...

any tips, advice to help me with this would be soo great..



Im not overweight at all, and in the past ive had eating disorder issues, i think i may be waking up at night out of habit? i dunno cuz my father would come to my room at night and abuse me...I dont want to fixate on this, i just want to have a heathy relationship with food and have a happ y life...i just dont know how to

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    I am not joking or being sarcastic at all. In fact we have the same situation with a family member. It is my son. We do this out of love and protection for him. At night the kitchen is locked up by dead bolt. He has NO ACCESS to food at night when no one is watching and he is alone. He is old enough to understand his challenge and has thnaked me many times for doing this very drastic thing for him.

    Best wishes and good for you for working so hard during the day and just help yourself like this at night.

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    Try and get rid of any food in your kitchen that is, what I like to call, "Grab-n-Go" food. Cookies. Chips. Pop.... try and get some whole wheat crackers, tortillas, peanut butter, etc. That was the biggest problem for me, because I have night binging problems too. (Mostly related to night-time hypoglycemia - but it's a lot easier to horf down a pack of oatmeal cookies than, say, make a bowl of oatmeal) If you must take the time to PREPARE the food, you are MUCH less likely to want to bother, and thus, won't eat it.... or if you do it will at least be something nutrutious. If you live with other people that could be a problem, because then THEY buy the food. If it's that much of a problem for you then, I would suggest for your health, move out and get into a situation where you can control your environment a little better.... get rid of any food that is convenient to eat. That is my suggestion. Don't be too hard on yourself - you might be suffering from hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, and you might legitimately NEED to eat in the middle of the night... that is ok... just try to eat something that is healthy, and smaller portions.

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    Seems to me, you are depriving yourself. I also eat healthy and I work out however I occasionally indulge in junk food. I love anything sweet. Perhaps you should stop the unnecessary purchase of junk food but do not stop yourself from occasionally enjoying a piece of chocolate. I do find myself waking up in the middle of the night for something sweet and I always eat an orange or a tangerine, and I go right back to sleep. Try a healthier alternative.

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    I actually watched Dr. Phil once (I know...) and this lady was eating junk in her sleep. Seriously, she didn't even remember it. He told her she didn't really want to eat healthy and her subconscious was doing what she ACTUALLY wanted to be doing. She had to actually want to change.

    I think the only way to solve this would be to evaluate weather you really want to eat healthy food or not. Maybe if you ate a few small goodies during the day it would help curb the nighttime binges. Try not buying any junk food. I mean NONE AT ALL. Find healthy foods you really, really love, and if you occasionally overeat on them, get over it and control yourself the next day.

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    Alot of times when you "are" hungry your body really wants water. Try drinking a full glass of water, then wait ten minutes. if you're still hungry then try snacking on something light and healthy. Like carrots w/out dressing or something.

    Also, eating a full breakfast helps keep away the munchies. and one more thing, this can really help if you can control yourself, ......after 6 or 7 in the evening try not to eat anything else. this gives your body time to work of the dinner before bedtime.

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    Aw I'm sorry, if it helps at all I do the same thing, and I would guess a large proportion of overweight people do the same thing. Eating can be an addiction, and like any addiction professional help is sometimes the only way to combat the disease. I am currently in therapy for secretive and binge eating. I would recommend it.

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    You may not be consuming enough calories during the day. also you may be working out too late and that speeds up your metabolism so when you go to bed your body is needing extra calories. I think you may be depriving your body of certain nutrients. our bodies usually crave things for the nutrient content if you are not allowing yourself these nutrients your body tries to get them when your will power is the weakest. AT NIGHT.

    Try not depriving yourself of things instead eat in moderation.


    Source(s): My own Weight Issues
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    the 1st step in getting properly could be to get some workout. Are you sitting around doing infrequently something? long walks or working could be greater effective for one week might inform you if it is so. in case you attempt it and you sense greater effective that would desire to be a competent initiate. yet then you definately've gotten to conquer a desire to diminish. it is almost a drug for some and chilly turkey won't artwork. See the type you sense after workout then take the subsequent step, in seek of professional help in case you like it. as quickly as you sparkling your head with workout it will be much less perplexing to work out something of the image to comprehend the superb direction of action. good luck

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    try eating more during the daytime maybe this might help you to sleep right through.

    dont buy too much food and leave it stored at home, instead you should have fruits and veg there on standby incase you feel like you have to binge in the night.

    my husband binges too in the nightime and doesnt remember what he does so we try to keep the bare minimum in the cupboards

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    I would say only have healthy foods in your house so you won't eat any junk food, because it's not there.

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