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Is it true that Ace Frehely is going to realese a solo album this year?

I heard about it- but I realy want to know- so I can get it when it is relased- and have Wal-Mart put it on hold for me!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I keep my eye on Ace all the time, he's the reason i started playing a guitar as a kid, and now i'm a career musician!

    anyways, they've been saying that album was gonna be "out soon" for a while now, so i'm not holding my breath. its been a few years, so i hope its almost done. Peter Criss is supposed to have a cd out soon too, and there's a track on it called "SpaceAce".

    Ace also recently said he'd like to do a guitar instructional video, and make it kinda funny.

    "i might not be the best guitarist ever, but i'm never boring!". lol. theres a site called, they keep up pretty good with all the goings on in the rock and metal world. i check in there every few days to see whats going on.

    i hope to see his cd soon, but i wouldnt get my hopes up just yet.

    Source(s): -me, card carrying Kiss Freak, and now i play in a band, teach guitar lessons, do recordings, and work at the local music store.
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