Brasov Romania,weather?

We are moving there May 1st and right now I am packing up our clothes here in the states. I know it is a little chillier there then in the southern US but I am not quite sure how chillier. Should be bring our winter coats or would 1 warm sweater and a few long sleeved shirts be fine.

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    Are you moving there, you said? Well, Romania has 4 seasons, with cold winters, heavy snows-little different this past year, and hot summers, with nice breeze. Brasov is a mountain town, like a resort, so it tends to be more chilly there. During spring-summer, a long sleeve or a light jacket will do for the night time, when the temperature drops. But in the winter, you definitely need some layers. So, if you move there for good you need a winter coat. It could be hard to pack them here and heavy for the luggage, but, no worries, you can buy coats there. And they are cheaper then here in the States.Trying a comparison, Brasovv will be like a New York weather. But, it is a beautiful place, and Romanians are great people that will welcome you with all their heart. All the best! From a Romanian.

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    i live in the southern part of romania and the main difference i notice when i go to brasov is that evenings and mornings are colder (even in the summer). so you should have both t-shirts and pullovers with you :P

    if the weather gets rainy and stuff, you might need your winter coats too. it's better to bring more with you and use less, than bring less and wish you had thought of packing more :)

    i hope you have a nice time here.

    best wishes.

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    Its Spring it isnt that cold,if u worry bout wot clothes to bring,jusy bring clothes that u can "layer".Its prolly be raining a lil as usual..It wudnt be that chilly but winds can be a lil cold,i dont think u wud need "winter" gear but a nice warm jacket/cardigan wud do fine ( if ure afraid of the cold ).So ur 2nd option shud be good enuf.Hope that helps. :)

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    it will be warm..generally the 1st of may (Labour day) is warm..but do not forget that Brasov is in the heart of the Carpatian Mountains and it would be god to take some warm clothes wuth you...:) Just in never know.

    Have a nice stay

    Source(s): A romanian
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