I am hoping to buy a few "babydoll" style tops (the ones which are form fitting and then flow out). I am from Australia so I want to get the size right. I'm talking about Abercrombie girls tops.

I am borderline in height between their Large and X-Large in girls but for bust, I am a size Large. What size should I get? Postage is expensive so I want to get the right size the first time.

I am about 62 and 1/2 inches and Large is for 61-62 inches tall and X-Large (63-64 inches). The bust size of an X-L is

1 and 1/2 inches bigger (is that a big difference?) than the Large size bust which is exactly what I am. What size should I get?

How long are most of the "babydoll" style tanks/camis at abercrombie kids (it's for ages 9-16years old). I am in my mid teens but I am pretty small. I want the tops to be long enough to cover the tops of my lowrise/bumster jeans I have. Should I get large or X-Large? Thankyou.

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    buy the xl. most clothes shrink when you wash them, so you don't want to buy the exact size and then wash it once and then never beable to wear it again.

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    I am the pretty much the same measurements as you and I really loved their babydoll tanks/camis too. I went with a large but then i washed it and it shrunk!!!! The next time i got a babydoll tank in a XL and it fit perfectly!!!!!!!!! They covered the tops of my jeans really well. I am sure it would work well also.

    If you want to be really sure you are getting the right size you could go to abercrombiekids.com and look at their size charts. I did that and the XL is pretty good for your size!!!! I would go with an XL.

    Hope this helps!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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    I suggest getting an XL. It's better for it to be big and grow into it than be small and not being able to wear it at all.

    abercrombie's babydoll tops are so cute, I love them!

    And to 'Alayna V' (the person who posted above me): they're shorts are normally $40, some people wear abercrombie because they like the style, and some people can afford abercrombie. I'm not trying to be rude, but you shouldn't judge people just because they wear abercrombie.

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    Just get a large.

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    get xl.... they will probally shrink up a bit in the washer dryer... good luck

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    I have one, and if you are that tall...get an XL

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    There is no babydoll tanks or anything only when shes nine!!!!!!!!!!!! I have like a thousond ambercrombie and fitch stufff...... NOT FOR BABYDOLLS! Sorryyy!!!

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