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Rate this 1 round Mock Draft?

1- Oak-JaMarcus Russell

*2- Atl-Calvin Johnson

3- Cle-Adrian Peterson

4- TB-Amobi Okoye

5- Ari-Joe Thomas

6- Was-Gaines Adams

7- Min-Laron Landry

*8- Det-Brady Quinn

9- Mia-Alan Branch

10- Hou-Levi Brown

11- SF-Jamaal Anderson

12- Buf-Patrick Willis

13- StL-Adam Carriker

14- Car-Michael Griffen

*15- Den-Reggie Nelson

16- GB-Marshawn Lynch

17- Jax-Ted Ginn

18- Cin-Leon Hall

19- Ten-Robert Meachem

20- NYG-Darrelle Revis

*21- Pit-Jarvis Moss

*22- NO-Chris Houston

23- KC-Dwayne Bowe

24- NE-Paul Poluszny

25- NYJ-Anthony Spencer

26- Phi-Brandon Meriweather

*27- Dal-Joe Staley

28- NE-Aaron Ross

29- Bal-Justin Blalock

30- SD-Dwayne Jarrett

31- Chi-Jon Beason

32- Ind-Lawrence Timmons


* are traded picks

Atl trades 1st rounds with Det and gives up both 2nd's

Den trades 1st with Pitt and gives up their 3rd

NO trades 1st with Dal and gives up their first 4th pick

Update 2:

Why would detroit draft Thomas when they just acquired two lineman and have so much money invested in theire current O-line? let alone add another #2 lineman to the mix, no way. Atlanta wants C.J. very badly and I believe are willing to do whatever it takes to get him. Griffin is more of an all around Safety than Nelson because he can support the run alot better. Tampa Bay is favoring Okoye and i think if CJ goes before Tampa's pick they will grab him. How Many points is the NO Dal trade off by?

Update 3:

and there is no way Atlanta will land Cj at #8, C.J. will not get past Tampa Bay

Update 4:

leidigh - expert analysist are saying we might see the most trades ever in the first round this upcoming draft. I can defenitely see the broncos trade up, Nelson is high on there list and if the other safeties go early they might stretch to get him to replace Lynch. As for atlanta, they have Landry and Johnson on the top of their big board, if they want landry then they wont trade, but depending on how bad they want Johnson they will have too. The purpose of the Cowboys Saints trade was to get New Orleans a good cornerback before they are all taken. I know the patiots want to complete their secondary and the saints desperately need a CB, so i let them trade up with dalls to get one. I knot the draft is a bit of a reach, but hardly ever does a draft go by w/out a first round trade so i needed to throw some in there.

Picks that I am not happy about and plan on changing are the blalock pick, and possibly the Panthers pick. Panthers could go with Olsen. TBC....

Update 5:

Olsen may only be picked in the 1st because of his 40 time...before the combine, Miller and Olsen were about Par on my board and many others, many people had Miller higher and going in the second. But he had a blazing 40 time and that raised him to the mid 1st, I don't know about that. He might go but i wouldn't put my money on him being a big shot tight end in the NFL, not just yet.

Update 6:

yeah, i've been doing more research, heard that Roy Williams and Kitna want CJ, if oakland passes i think detroit will grab him now. Who doesnt want peterson, look at jamal lewis. he is on a decline after being a workhorse. I see cleveland bringin A.P. in to share carries, which many teams are looking at doing now, and finally taking over after Lewis is gone....which shouldnt be to far away. Quinn goes at #8 because only a few teams will look at him for a need....Oak, Cle, Det..if oakland and detroit pass him up then the earliest i think he will go then is to detroit at # 8 if they trade down.....

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  • moose
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    1 decade ago
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    sounds good i hope the pack get lynch

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    on a scale of 1-10 Igive it a 8.5 Detroit beter keep there pick and not give it to Atlanta I want my Bucs to get Calvin Johnson. Why is Brady Quinn #8? He has got tremendous talent. And I think Dwayne Jarrett is going higher then 30 like pick number 10-20. And why would the Cleveland need Adrian Peterson when they have Jamaal Lewis? The draft is good but it could use some tweaking.

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  • Mike
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    1 decade ago

    Look for Oakland to sign david car or trade for aaron rodgers and grab Calvin Johnson #1. No way Joe thomas slips to #5. is he gets by the lions the browns will definitely take him and if he slips by the browns then the bucs would most definitely take him. Okoye's stock been rising but he wont go before gaines adams. The Vikings are not going to let either of the top 2 qbs slip by them. Washington will get the trade done with Chicago for briggs giving the bear the #6 pick and redskins #31, look for the bears to take landry or Okoye. Michael Griffen will not go before Reggie Nelson. Pittsburgh doesnt usually trade down, look for them to trade up, word is the cards want to swap picks with pitt, in exchange Max Stark.

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  • 1 decade ago

    About a 6 would do

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like it. Interesting your trade with Det and Atlanta, it might work best for both teams. Atlanta needs a good receiver and detriot can still get Brady Quinn. I would leave out cleveland and TB possibly picking up Brady Quinn as well. If they do then Det could still pick up Adrian Peterson or Joe Thomas. I'm also a 49er fan so I like your Jamaal Anderson to them

    All and all though man I like you mock draft man well done.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well I like the fact that you gave Carolina a safety...but why would they take Griffin before Nelson...the projected #2 safety in the draft? They aren't as dumb as the Lions when they draft players. And one more thing, I think Greg Olsen will go in the first round, if not to Carolina, then certainly to a team not too long after. Olsen has tremendous talent and is projected as a top 20 player entering the draft. His chances of falling out of round 1 seem unlikely. A lot of the rest of it is pretty good though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Solid mock, good job.

    Except the Saints, Cowboys trade doesn't match up on the trade value chart and I think the Saints would need to give u a third instead of a fourth. Also I think the Cowboys would take Blalock over Staley at 27.

    But overall, pretty good.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're mock draft is horrible. It's flawed in so many areas. Atlanta isn't going to trade up when they can quite possibly land Calvin Johnson at number 8 even if they don't then they could draft a defensive linemen and there are so many flaws. Also Oakland might end up drafting Calvin Johnson number 1 and signing David Carr. I don't even know where else to pick apart your version of a mock draft. I'm sorry dude. I'm just being honest with you. You asked for my opinion and I'm giving it to you.

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  • 3 years ago

    i will provide you with 6. universal exceedingly strong yet you've some questionable alternatives. Oakland is going with Russel or Johnson. i imagine the Falcons are more advantageous probable to commerce as a lot as huge kind 2, if Oakland takes a QB as you're expecting, to draft Johnson. I also dont see the Colts taking yet another RB in the first round, they misplaced alot of protective gamers, so i seek for them to pass protection in the first few rounds.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    9 on a scale of 1-10

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  • 1 decade ago

    it dosnt look bad but the lions wont trade that far down because they want OL Joe Thomas and cleveland will take Brady Quinn also DT Alan Branch will drop farther down because hes only had average workouts and looks outta shape

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