How to get working Permit in HOng kong?

I am a 19 years old Malsysian.

I would like to Work and maybe study in Hk as i know there is a international financial centre.But i want to know how can i get the working permit there?any alternative means to go there legally?



hm...i have just finished my high school in Malaysia and i don`t have much Money....

Update 2:

i graduated with excellence result...especially in Business -related subject

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    if you be a study in HK ,when you study in U, you can work part time but have limit, but if you want just get a job work in HK, then you must get working permit. Maybe you can try use travel visa enter HongKong and try the best to interview, when have company hire you, they will apply working permit for you. Some of my Uk and France friend they did and working in Hk now.

    Source(s): my friends
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